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sleepycapybara 🥰 9 days ago

tactics ogre reborn is so so good but damn some of these story battles are BRUTAL

sleepycapybara 🥰 15 days ago

5,648 people playing Tactics Ogre: Reborn on Steam right now, and of course I'm one of them.

sleepycapybara 🥰 18 days ago

Pre-ordered Tactics Ogre Reborn~ Can't wait to play it in a few days!

sleepycapybara 🌙 26 days ago

Have a great Halloween everyone! 🧟‍♀️

sleepycapybara 🤔 46 days ago

Wondering about how many things I could get done if I didn't have such awful anxiety.

sleepycapybara 😶 48 days ago

Soooo glad I have the next two days off work.