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my cat's name is big frank and he


sleepycapybara πŸ‘€ 206 days ago


sleepycapybara πŸ™‚ 214 days ago

i want to start playing the sims 4 again but i just KNOW i'll start downloading more cc once i do and i'm running out of space on my pc.....

sleepycapybara 😭 219 days ago

just narrowly avoided breaking a toe, yikes, it's swollen and painful but i can move it fine and walk okay plus the pain is going away now F

sleepycapybara πŸ’€ 230 days ago

okay buying and drinking this cherry-vanilla coca cola was a gigantic and disgusting mistake

sleepycapybara πŸ‘€ 235 days ago

making a pokemon training card for my oc like a normal person

sleepycapybara ✏️ 241 days ago

β€œyou know how you always hit things in the produce aisle” is the greatest thing that i will ever write and it’s in a fucking AU text message

sleepycapybara πŸ‘€ 247 days ago

i really want crispy battered fries with some ketchup right now

sleepycapybara πŸ’‘ 264 days ago

Phew, new layout finally up! And I managed to make it Halloween themed!

sleepycapybara πŸ™‚ 266 days ago

okay this new layout that i'm making isn't ... very halloween-like, you know, like i PLANNED TO MAKE IT... oh well

sleepycapybara 🌧️ 271 days ago

the only thing i hate about rainy weather is going to work and having to take the dogs out in it :(

sleepycapybara πŸ“š 286 days ago

Went to browse my local library for a while today on a whim. There's a lot less books available than I thought but it was a nice visit. :)

sleepycapybara β˜€οΈ 292 days ago

It's so nice out. Can't wait for autumn to begin. :)

sleepycapybara 😭 301 days ago

hahaha i'm so stupid, i just want to cry and run away from everything

sleepycapybara πŸ’€ 305 days ago

the more i read about the mk1 story the more i wish that nrs followed the bad ending of mk11 lmao

sleepycapybara πŸ’€ 314 days ago

Oblivion is a lot of fun so far but modding it is... not a lot of fun.

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