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Hello there, welcome to my humble status page!

There's not much here, so feel free to check out my neocities page and get to know me! :D

(Imagine this page allowing a style tag lol, it's so fancy now)


bagoly 💾 16 hours ago

Whenever i'm out with people they scold me as if i was 5.

bagoly 😡 2 days ago

More and more frustrated by the day

bagoly 💔 4 days ago

I made a pattern for something i don't have enough materials for...

bagoly 💤 8 days ago

Had a pretty rough day tbh

bagoly ✨ 10 days ago

I ordered and got fabric!! woo

bagoly 🌧️ 12 days ago

Ugghhh the shop i wanted to buy fabric from doesn't have the fabric i neeeeed

bagoly 😶 13 days ago

My teacher looked at my site... Hi teacher if you're reading this😅

bagoly 🙃 16 days ago

In the process of buying a mannequin so i can make full body fursuits

bagoly 😎 21 days ago

Look at me making a sewing pattern for a straitjacket to wear at school

bagoly 👀 27 days ago


bagoly 🌱 30 days ago

Got plant based stress pills, i slept well

bagoly 📰 32 days ago

None of the psychologists actually listen to me.

bagoly 💤 34 days ago

I didn't die, i'm just making fursuits

bagoly 🎮 36 days ago

My finger hurts :(

bagoly 🍞 38 days ago

Being lazy on site editing