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Hello there, welcome to my humble status page!

There's not much here, so feel free to check out my neocities page and get to know me! :D

(Imagine this page allowing a style tag lol, it's so fancy now)


bagoly ✏️ 1 day ago

Waiting for Artfight so hard rn. I'll wait faster

bagoly 🥳 31 days ago

Abba cured my depression

bagoly 🥳 32 days ago

I say "I'm so lonely, i want friends." Then self sabotage and isolate like WHY TF-

bagoly 😶 39 days ago

I should have sewn some paws, but i spent the last 4 hours looking at images of straitjackets.... I'm beyond obsessed.

bagoly ✨ 42 days ago

I don't need friends, they disappoint me.

bagoly 💔 44 days ago

Just realised i count as a furry femboy....

bagoly 🌧️ 54 days ago

I'm gonna need friends..

bagoly 🥰 55 days ago

Nothing's like the feeling of asking a doctor "Is this going to hurt?" And they don't respond...⚰️

bagoly 💀 55 days ago

My belly hurts, i'm stressing from a doctor check up

bagoly ✅ 57 days ago

Bought fur from the aliexpress (linda wholesale), pray for me, i'm testing it. friend told me it was good

bagoly ✨ 59 days ago

Almost got max score on the exam, let's gooooo

bagoly ✨ 59 days ago

Finally made a blog! Also pray for me, i'm having an exam tomorrow and was lazy to study

bagoly 💡 62 days ago

I kinda wanna look like a grape (i should paint my hair)

bagoly 📰 64 days ago

Sometimes i'm glad i didn't become a dentist

bagoly 🍏 66 days ago

Ran into my old teacher and now i have her perfume scent on me

bagoly 💤 68 days ago

I'm so tired after this

bagoly ✨ 71 days ago

I'm very doing art now lets go

bagoly 💤 72 days ago

Finally did art for school

bagoly 💀 74 days ago

I got terrorized by a crane fly and im left shaking.

bagoly 🙂 74 days ago

Art class today. (It's not a good thing.)

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