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single celled organism


maph ☀️ 3 days ago

receiving a certificate today :) i've worked so hard for this and i'm so excited

maph 🍕 4 days ago

pizza time

maph 🥺 5 days ago

playing the last guardian makes me miss my family dog so much

maph 🌧️ 7 days ago

aaahhh i want to take part in artfight so much but i'm working 2 jobs through july :( i hope i'm able to make some stuff

maph 🌧️ 10 days ago

playing pjd and drinking elderflower soda while it rains outside c:

maph 🌈 16 days ago

i love taking the bus 🚌❤️

maph 🌧️ 18 days ago

found out yesterday i have a bunch of tests on friday and i rly have to study but now im just so overwhelmed im not doing anything at all :|

maph 🌱 19 days ago

thank you to the light coming through the leaves on the trees for reminding me that i love to live

maph 🌧️ 20 days ago

starting a new job today, nervous but my partner got pjd f for me so i can play when i get home <3

maph 🥗 21 days ago

my favourite vegetable is potato, closely followed by tomato when he's backed up by his best friend cheese

maph 😇 22 days ago

denpa hymns bless my life

maph 🌙 24 days ago

had a really great day :) excited to sleep

maph 😴 25 days ago

been studying and interviewing for jobs and cleaning and doing bank stuff and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

maph 😶 30 days ago

the drawing i'm working on genuinely takes over a minute to save ... every time.... :S

maph ☕️ 33 days ago

ice cream 🍦 and green tea 🍵 with lemon 🍋 today :)

maph 📺 34 days ago

malcolm in the middle is a genuine absurdist masterpiece sometimes

maph 😴 34 days ago

caffiene always backfires on me

maph 🤖 34 days ago

test status 2!!

maph 🤖 34 days ago

test status!!

maph 🤔 36 days ago

deleted my carrd acct today. weirdly emotional, it's crazy to think how long it's been since i made those sites and how far i've come

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