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Digital artist from Europe with a passion for OCs and original artwork!
I like round things! But somehow.. this profile is edgy

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skykristal 😢 3 days ago

I am between pain, joy, anger and frustration

skykristal πŸ’” 6 days ago

I'm so fucking broken..

skykristal 😑 9 days ago

ugly ass phone keeps freezing and restarting

skykristal πŸ€’ 13 days ago

god damn.. can my life get any worse... hint: yes

skykristal πŸ€” 15 days ago

why am I constantly hungry

skykristal πŸ™‚ 15 days ago

livestrΓΆm time tomorrow <3

skykristal 🧐 19 days ago

I guess you aren't allowed to dislike music genres anymore and have to like everything. touch grass

skykristal :S 21 days ago

Feeling all over the place

skykristal πŸ™ƒ 22 days ago

its never ending

skykristal πŸ™‚ 22 days ago

refining OC profiles...

skykristal 🧐 22 days ago

how about minding your own fucking business

skykristal πŸ™ƒ 23 days ago

my arm is doing slightly better but it's blue

skykristal πŸ’” 24 days ago

blood sample was taken again today. never had any issues but I can't fucking use my arm help

skykristal 🌩️ 25 days ago

I feel so shitty and ignored. god damn

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