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Digital artist from Europe with a passion for OCs and original artwork!


skykristal 🙂 4 days ago

Hot and sweet is a fantastic combo

skykristal 😶 6 days ago

This is driving me nuuuuts. It's likely my neck or something. Ugh. I can't look down like this

skykristal 💔 8 days ago

I failed again. I feel miserable

skykristal 🤖 9 days ago

what a waste of oxygen

skykristal 💀 11 days ago

do y'all care about if others can read your content because holy shit. my brain

skykristal 👽 11 days ago

oh boy oh boy make life easier for me please...

skykristal 💀 13 days ago

RIP MY WALLET. it's going to be awesome but.. RIP MY WALLET

skykristal 🙂 14 days ago

Finally some work again I'm excited about

skykristal 😭 16 days ago

What even is this for

skykristal 🤖 17 days ago

the type of people who go to an event just to say how much they dislike it... The internet in a nutshell

skykristal 🤔 18 days ago

I start to become one of these too-many-wips artists

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