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Hi Sky here, I love art, Ocs, web design & watching series all day long.

PS: the link formatting on here doesn´t work.

Wobbely Pets!

(ye I draw them & imagine how they could look)

Something Cool

Yooperlit Dragon Skull under UV Light. Glows!


skykristal 🍕 1 day ago

I´m loving that raspberry cheesecake we made. It´s almost gone now noo

skykristal 🎨 2 days ago

Gave my profile a little redesign ^^

skykristal 😴 4 days ago

Pretty tired. Good night world

skykristal 🙂 5 days ago

Nice to see the sites back up again! Hope you all are doing good

skykristal ❄️ 8 days ago

feeling cold & tired

skykristal 🥰 10 days ago

probably going on a little crystal shopping tour. I just feel like it. I need morreeee

skykristal 🤒 13 days ago

aaa I have another headache

skykristal 😶 14 days ago

My day just got 10 times worse

skykristal 👽 14 days ago

Another "happy but sad" day

skykristal 😂 17 days ago

My little wobble now jumps up and down... why is this so funny

skykristal 👀 17 days ago

I´ve been watching crime documentaries a little too much again..

skykristal 🤒 18 days ago

feeling a little dizzy...

skykristal 😶 20 days ago

I don´t know how to feel today

skykristal 🎨 21 days ago

Proud of that new drawing.. I need to draw birds more often! 🪺

skykristal 🎨 22 days ago

I´m drawing a cute little hummingbird and it´s so much fun <3

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