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just a girl hanging out...☆


bellsie 🌧️ 15 days ago

there's been new spring blossoms all over the city ... i hope the rain today doesn't blow them away!

bellsie 💻 53 days ago

work e-modules are so annoying... at least i'm getting paid!

bellsie 💀 74 days ago

quite literally got hit by a car while walking to work this morning. my bad for wanting to enjoy the lovely 8am weather

bellsie ❤️ 75 days ago

god spoke directly to the european fanta office and gave them the recipe for fanta exotic. it's so DELICIOUS!!

bellsie 🤖 77 days ago

i've been working so much i don't feel like a human rn. the pains of having two jobs! it never ends...

bellsie 🥰 85 days ago

dinner is a strawberry mango smoothie + pesto scrambled egg grilled cheese with honey (it tastes very good!) es hora de comer part two !!!

bellsie 🍞 86 days ago

made the best sandwich :)

bellsie 🌈 87 days ago

worked w the preschoolers and i feel mentally and physically EXHAUSTED! they're so adorable though!

bellsie 🤖 100 days ago

went on the bus in the wrong direction so it took me 2 hours to get home after work ha ha ha...

bellsie ❤️ 101 days ago

bought a beautiful hair clip :)

bellsie ☀️ 106 days ago

one month of vegetarianism is over and im enjoying some chicken tendies... i hope it doesn't make me sick LOL

bellsie 🤩 108 days ago

saw dinos at the museum with my bestie :)!!

bellsie 🌱 113 days ago

(finally) watching the world jigsaw puzzle championships :)

bellsie ❄️ 114 days ago

made a notion page for an imaginary 6 day trip to iceland...

bellsie 🐱 118 days ago

the diabolically sick turned out to be a sinus and chest infection LOL i have not left the house in two weeks .

bellsie 🍱 125 days ago

had sushi and it was so good. real delicious and scrumptious..

bellsie 😭 125 days ago

still diabolically sick -.-

bellsie ✏️ 127 days ago

laundry day aka washing my clothes and not folding it for another week!

bellsie 🍏 129 days ago

made a huge smoothie and an egg wrap for my 4pm breakfast :) es hora de comer..

bellsie 🎲 129 days ago

watching the genius season two and experiencing such a profound range of emotions

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