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yungwake0 🔥 27 days ago

Y'all actually run up my new song on soundcloud I'm actually kinda proud of this one

yungwake0 👀 35 days ago

something is shifting I can feel it in my bones

yungwake0 😴 35 days ago

glad I stopped fuckin with the trap metal "scene" shit's so absurdly toxic no wonder I was depressed

yungwake0 🔥 36 days ago

fixing to have my stuff on streaming on Valentines day

yungwake0 🎲 39 days ago

unlocking some new emotions lately

yungwake0 🎤 42 days ago

you keep stomping on my heart but it just won't bleed

yungwake0 ❤️ 42 days ago

I think maybe 1 or 2 more songs and I'm ready to start putting shit on streaming. we'll see 🤫

yungwake0 🤩 60 days ago

How does my site have 30000 VIEWS I am NOT THAT SPECIAL

yungwake0 🎤 61 days ago

waking body says no, subconscious whispering fucking yes

yungwake0 💀 84 days ago

been super dead lately. sorry about that, life is super hectic as of late and internet just hasn't been a priority

yungwake0 😴 130 days ago

not the first time I've sacked twitter. but it will surely be my last since there isn't even anyone there anymore

yungwake0 🙂 140 days ago

not thinking anything in particular, but in the event I have to suddenly go inactive I don't want my last status to be an edgy lyric

yungwake0 🎶 152 days ago

Tear me out your fucking heart since you love to bleed so much

yungwake0 😛 157 days ago

Being aceflux is crazy cause one day I'm like some sort of monk bypassing my earthly desires, next day I'm Mr Bitches

yungwake0 🤔 161 days ago

thinking about remaking my links page. haven't touched that thing in forever

yungwake0 😎 167 days ago

finally fixed the music page

yungwake0 😡 177 days ago

Just realized my music page looks like shit on firefox smh

yungwake0 🤔 177 days ago

I can't really explain it but "piss off" sounds so much more demeaning than "fuck off"

yungwake0 😎 183 days ago

Didn't realize my neocities has 12k views damn

yungwake0 🥱 189 days ago

Copyright abuse is one of the lowest things an artist can do imo

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