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Madrid, España

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airdoggy 👽 21 hours ago

Dreaming about my future career as a politician

airdoggy 💀 1 day ago

I guess my sunday plan will be playing URF and watering my plants

airdoggy 👀 1 day ago

looking for a nice plan for this sunday

airdoggy ✅ 3 days ago

‘Begonia malachosticta’ added to my plant wishlist

airdoggy 🚄 3 days ago

i like mario kart

airdoggy 🔥 4 days ago

32ºC outside! If I don’t water my plants every 30 minutes they’ll die.

airdoggy ❤️ 5 days ago

the coolest café is back!!! im so glad

airdoggy 🤖 8 days ago

Let's play some URF

airdoggy 🙂 9 days ago

Casatriste — Me recuerdas a mí cuando era gilipollas

airdoggy 🔥 10 days ago

My plants are appreciating the heat

airdoggy 💀 12 days ago

Tengo tanta hambre

airdoggy 🎶 13 days ago

soy un perdedor. i’m a loser baby so why dont you kill me?

airdoggy ✨ 14 days ago

thank God for life

airdoggy 👀 15 days ago

I want a black Pendulum 20th edition

airdoggy 🎁 16 days ago

My friend @jamoncio just finished ensambling his brand new Lego® Tallneck!

airdoggy 🤖 16 days ago

Quiero una Robotina

airdoggy 💀 17 days ago

im so hungry

airdoggy 🥳 17 days ago

been struggling with a bee occupying my living room for 45 min’. i managed to evacuate it from the apartment safe and sound though

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