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23 | he/they if you're reading this, im caffeinated rn and i love you <3


roccie 😯 82 days ago

i feel so called out by my own tarot cards

roccie 🎶 84 days ago

i would be nothing and nowhere without house music mixes on youtube

roccie 🥹 89 days ago

house of leaves is really good

roccie 🙂 94 days ago

fragrances i've tried and liked so far: commodity gold personal; frustration etat libre d' orange; apsu ulrich lang

roccie 🙂 99 days ago

the special interest beam has struck me...dwarf fortress is so everything to me rn

roccie 🌈 115 days ago

energy drink + my fuckass projects + house/techno music = peace and love on planet earth

roccie ❤️ 118 days ago

thunder in the distance

roccie 😭 133 days ago

applying to jobs and trying to stay aligned with my goals for the future is scary...i just wanna focus on an escapist romantic fantasy

roccie 🤐 147 days ago

finished my first job application out of the bunch ough

roccie 🙂 167 days ago

at the age where suddenly the idea of becoming a monk seems dope as fuck #baldfestival

roccie 😭 180 days ago

somehow i lost my favorite pair of jeans ;-; why even live...

roccie 🤒 182 days ago

im so tired of being supposed to b sick as fuckkkkk not sick in bedddddddddd

roccie 🤒 185 days ago

i got rlly sick orz :(

roccie 🤔 193 days ago

growing as a person is so crazy

roccie 🙂 196 days ago

happy new years eve!

roccie 🏆 198 days ago

i miss working on my personal website, but i gotta grind and hustle so i made a portfolio website instead

roccie 🎁 214 days ago

i dont feel great holiday shopping during this time, but i bought e-sim for gaza and im gonna donate too #freepalestine

roccie ☀️ 217 days ago

love finding new faggy ways to express myself i got on fake nails! but also i forgot i pass so ladies were lookin at me funny at target

roccie ❤️ 218 days ago

i watched the boy and the heron with my friends!

roccie 🤔 234 days ago

when I'm sad, my journal is full of entries about other people, but when I'm happy, it's full of entries about my hobbies and shows...

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