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roccie 💀 1 day ago

i think its time to rebrand...time for something new, something fresh and fun and a little evil >:)

roccie 🍞 2 days ago

eating baked wheat cakes at 12am

roccie 💀 10 days ago

i'm so bitter about people for whom leadership and delegation is a birthright/worth praise, not an obligation to those around them

roccie 💔 10 days ago

im a very loved person but damn ive got to get better at letting those around me know HOW to love me

roccie 💀 20 days ago


roccie 📚 35 days ago

juggling many books; just picked up gideon the ninth and adult children of emotionally immature parents

roccie 😎 38 days ago


roccie 📚 51 days ago

just started reading mariame kaba's "we do this til we free us." very excited to share the notes i take as i work thru it!

roccie 😶 64 days ago

ISO Someone to be insane about Tom Wambsgans with. MUST listen to me explain how he's so Lana Del Reypilled.

roccie 🥺 65 days ago

so glad that spring is here - i can tell it's improving my mental health cause laundry chair only exists for two days now instead of 10 ^_^

roccie 📺 65 days ago

succession s1e8 is so fuckin insane...whats with this dog motif...

roccie ❤️ 66 days ago

i had two different types of tofu pudding today! so delicious!