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just chillin tbh


cloudydusk 👀 20 days ago

waiting for packages is so much worse now that im out of school;;; nothin to distract me from Thing Coming Soon

cloudydusk 📖 73 days ago

new starset book go brrrrr

cloudydusk 📖 84 days ago

adding books to my planning list vs. finding the time/motivation to actually Read them

cloudydusk 👀 101 days ago

pakidge tomorrow...

cloudydusk 💤 106 days ago

finally home;;; waugh

cloudydusk 📚 108 days ago

spring break soon but i got a test on friday... yuri save me

cloudydusk 💀 118 days ago

girl help im injured

cloudydusk 🎮 123 days ago

team galactic outfits + rotom... pokemon go is Feeding Me Specifically

cloudydusk ✏️ 132 days ago

just bought m first commission Ever. a lil nervous abt it tbh but fuck it we ball

cloudydusk 👽 138 days ago

hiiii status cafe!!!