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semper ✨ 3 days ago

I had such a good time hanging out with friends yesterday! There's nothing like eating good food, reading zines, and nerding out with buds!

semper πŸ“Ί 9 days ago

Watching the Annie Awards for the first time mostly because Scavengers Reign got nominated in a bunch of categories πŸ‘€

semper ❀️ 12 days ago

Made myself some homemade waffles to have with cream cheese and homemade raspberry jam :9

semper 🧐 17 days ago

Edamame are wet pistachios

semper β˜€οΈ 21 days ago

Got up with the sunrise today. God am I tired, but boy is the natural light worth it.

semper 🍏 27 days ago

Had a honeycrisp apple for the first time and I may be ruined for all other apples now...

semper πŸ‘€ 38 days ago

Realizing most of my status updates are about food... anyways, today I baked a batch of cookies :D

semper 😴 39 days ago

Full of soup and ready to take a fat nap.

semper 🌱 44 days ago

I watered all my plants today and now my living room smells like petrichor πŸ’§β˜ΊοΈ

semper 🍞 45 days ago

I made a batch of bagels today and now my apartment smells like fresh baked bread :D

semper πŸ§€ 48 days ago

🍝 Wednesday is Spaghetti Day 🍝

semper 🍱 49 days ago

braised tofu save me! save me braised tofu!

semper β˜€οΈ 51 days ago

Ate a yummy cake with friends, had croque monsieurs with homemade sourdough, played a fun board game, and I got to be King for the evening ✨

semper 🍞 55 days ago

Having the transcendent experience of eating a fresh crusty baguette with salted butter ☺️

semper 😱 56 days ago

Happy Large Spider On My Ceiling Tuesday! O-O;; (the spider has since been captured and released outside)

semper ✨ 57 days ago

🎊🎊🎊 Happy New Year 🎊🎊🎊

semper 🎁 60 days ago

I had a really nice and chill birthday. I ate good food and did things I find relaxing and fun. Onward to the new year!

semper ✏️ 61 days ago

got bitten by the pixel art bug. making a tiny unicorn zoo.

semper πŸ‘€ 63 days ago

I think?? I might have finally gotten my site and mobile browsers to play nice???

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