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tba but hi for now!! she/her (px)


pxxels πŸ“± 23 hours ago

so coding on a phone is a little weird, but I did it!

pxxels πŸ₯° 5 days ago

had a great day today :D

pxxels πŸ’» 7 days ago

hehe videos

pxxels ❄️ 8 days ago

woah it's cold today!

pxxels 🌧️ 9 days ago

missing her again

pxxels ✏️ 9 days ago


pxxels πŸ’” 11 days ago

cut my finger owowow

pxxels πŸ“± 12 days ago

mobile friendly layout working (fingers crossed ^^)

pxxels ✨ 12 days ago

this is working great! yay :D

pxxels πŸ€” 13 days ago

battling CSS - ROUND TWO!!

pxxels πŸ’€ 13 days ago

tired… gn!

pxxels 🍞 13 days ago

hungry bc I lost track of time, oops.

pxxels 🌧️ 13 days ago

fought CSS and won; new site theme!

pxxels πŸ’» 14 days ago

battling CSS...

pxxels 🌱 17 days ago

feeling refreshed!

pxxels πŸ“Ί 22 days ago

watching something fun!

pxxels ✏️ 25 days ago

writing cards and trying not to overshare...

pxxels β˜€οΈ 26 days ago

what's up! I am (up and awake and all that)