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tba but hi for now!! she/her (px)


pxxels 🌱 21 days ago

come what come may / time and the hour runs through the roughest day

pxxels 💡 30 days ago

nothing going on here and you should leave now :>

pxxels 🌙 37 days ago

the math is unfortunately not math-ing

pxxels 💻 55 days ago

playing ciphergame :O

pxxels 🥰 68 days ago

had a restful and enjoyable break!

pxxels 🌙 89 days ago

sleepy but going to update my site in a bit ^-^

pxxels ❤️ 101 days ago

almost vday! :O

pxxels 🥳 104 days ago

happy lunar new year!!

pxxels ❤️ 112 days ago

yes,,,, validation [evil laughter] all part of the masterplan (to be happy)

pxxels 🎮 129 days ago

playing bitburner; it's so cool!!

pxxels 💻 130 days ago

don't really want to compose this email like dang

pxxels 🥳 133 days ago


pxxels ✏️ 141 days ago

new year busy so no site update...

pxxels 🥰 143 days ago

happy new year!!! here's to a great 2024 <3

pxxels ☀️ 145 days ago

hit a milestone YAY

pxxels 😴 147 days ago

really tired and happy to be home

pxxels 🥰 154 days ago

received a really nice compliment <33

pxxels 🥰 156 days ago

excited and ready!

pxxels ✏️ 160 days ago

today was such a good writing day! I'm so happy :D

pxxels 📖 161 days ago

reading Time to Orbit: Unknown. it's SO GOOD

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