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im just a kid who likes the internet :) and music and space and a lot of other stuff oh and college soon!


bluejay023 🤔 10 days ago

trying to figure out how to make a deadmau5 head out of fiberglass and acrylic

bluejay023 😭 31 days ago

In microeconomics rn kill me

bluejay023 ✈️ 33 days ago

college is funn, starting classes tomorrow! wish me luck :)

bluejay023 😴 46 days ago

sitting at the DMV and waiting for this LINE TO MOVEEEEEE florida dmv sucks - how about florida sucks lol i’ve been out here for 3 hours

bluejay023 🧀 50 days ago

dont mind me just blowing the dust off a little old project of mine..

bluejay023 🙂 51 days ago

dont mind me.. just wiping off the dust

bluejay023 🙂 112 days ago

Graduated high school, forever going to cherish those old ones, and prepare for the wild ride of a life that comes next. Thanks friends :)

bluejay023 😡 134 days ago

lost my camera two days ago! how nice, it was only a gift from my uncle

bluejay023 💡 139 days ago

doing stuff for uni next year, a math placement exam which is stuuuuupidddd

bluejay023 😎 141 days ago

AP tests are done!

bluejay023 ✏️ 148 days ago

the voice inside my yead

bluejay023 😴 150 days ago

stuck in my 1st period class with the most annoying teacher because of testing, how fun

bluejay023 😴 151 days ago

Taking AP Gov exam, no fun >:(

bluejay023 😎 154 days ago

grad bash is awesome

bluejay023 😎 154 days ago

going to grad bash!!

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