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im just a kid who likes the internet :) and music and space and a lot of other stuff oh and college soon!


bluejay023 ✏️ 507 days ago

the voice inside my yead

bluejay023 😴 509 days ago

stuck in my 1st period class with the most annoying teacher because of testing, how fun

bluejay023 😴 510 days ago

Taking AP Gov exam, no fun >:(

bluejay023 😎 512 days ago

grad bash is awesome

bluejay023 😎 513 days ago

going to grad bash!!

bluejay023 👀 515 days ago

7th period class get me OUTTTTTTT almost freeeee

bluejay023 🙂 515 days ago

excited for a day off tomorrow!

bluejay023 ☕ 515 days ago

feeling a bit more awake, but im hungryyyy dont have a teacher for my 3rd period >:)

bluejay023 😎 515 days ago

forgot to print my essay so now im screwed :D

bluejay023 🤒 516 days ago

not feeling 100% and still tired wanna leave school blasting green day and blink-182 into my ears to feel better

bluejay023 ✏️ 517 days ago


bluejay023 😡 517 days ago

This teach is making me do so much work ughhh

bluejay023 🤒 518 days ago

Feeling a bit sick, leaving vacation now as well

bluejay023 🌧️ 519 days ago

Eating fooooooooood Vacation is good so far

bluejay023 🎶 519 days ago

eating breakfast, forgot to wake up and see the sunrise lol

bluejay023 😴 519 days ago

supposed to be asleep but one of my favorite people talked to me

bluejay023 ✈️ 519 days ago

Happy earth day! Went to the beach and it was funn :)

bluejay023 😛 520 days ago

Getting to leave school early to go on a small vacation!

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