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im just a kid who likes the internet :) and music and space and a lot of other stuff oh and college soon!


bluejay023 😎 595 days ago

stop changing my website dario gaming

bluejay023 😯 595 days ago

forgot my lunch at home again

bluejay023 😴 597 days ago

Stuck in class right now, and its still really early, I wanna sleep

bluejay023 🤔 605 days ago

gotta stop getting distracted! theres work to do!

bluejay023 💡 611 days ago

working on an 15 page research paper assignment last minute!

bluejay023 🙂 612 days ago

okay i need to figure out how to style this on my page now im dumb

bluejay023 ✈️ 612 days ago

final quarter of high school! gonna miss it ;-;

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