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hi i’m sophie. she/him. weird bonesdalian girl. if you know me, no you do not. let me in peace


appledanish πŸ™‚ 21 hours ago

i cannot fall asleep hmm i wonder why

appledanish πŸ™‚ 1 day ago

literally finished my homepage Yesterday. yesterday !and i already am not the biggest fan anymore

appledanish ❄️ 1 day ago

i would spend so much less time in my bed if it weren’t forty degrees in my house

appledanish 🎢 2 days ago

on an island in the sunn

appledanish πŸ’» 3 days ago

im at my dads work on my ipad to code 😒no one knows im cool and working on a website

appledanish β˜€οΈ 5 days ago

practically done w school but ghe worries abour summer school r settling in….. i need to have classes with my friends

appledanish ❀️ 6 days ago

ponytown 🐴and rain 🌧️ and duck pot pie πŸ₯§ .

appledanish πŸ™‚ 7 days ago

i did not do any schoolwork today

appledanish πŸ™‚ 9 days ago

watching cunk on earth !!

appledanish πŸ™‚ 10 days ago

i would do evil evil things for 1 trillion dollars

appledanish πŸ™‚ 12 days ago

drew a little tonight because i have been wanting to. now i am trying out ethel cain

appledanish πŸ™‚ 12 days ago

i need to Start bringing my water bottle to school again

appledanish πŸ™‚ 13 days ago

i think my best friend is actually diabolical and dastardly

appledanish 🍫 13 days ago

applesauce and cosmic brownie and Garfield Helping me. cope with math final project

appledanish πŸ’» 14 days ago

why is tumblr being so slow πŸ˜’(i am loading about four million gifs scrolling through #blinkies

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