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hi i’m sophie. she/him. weird bonesdalian girl.


appledanish πŸ™ƒ 10 days ago

one awkward social situation will make me actually spiral

appledanish 🎢 10 days ago

Love alice phoebe lou’s new song <33

appledanish 😭 10 days ago

i have so much schoolwork i may explode

appledanish πŸ™‚ 11 days ago

update there is probably so much more sugar in this now wtf. giving it a barely bearable 4/10. Put preserves in a squeeze bottle goddamnit

appledanish 🍞 11 days ago

put strawberry jam instead of preserves on my pbj. Pray for me (im messing with samefood) (i will die if i dont like this

appledanish 😢 12 days ago

i think i need to confront someone soon

appledanish 😢 12 days ago

i think i need to confront someone soon

appledanish πŸ€” 12 days ago

i downloaded tiktok for the first time. i just looked up monchhichi and i was VERY happy to see many of them. IDK what else tiktok offers4me

appledanish ❀️ 13 days ago

things are so. so so overwhelmingly beautiful

appledanish πŸ“Ί 13 days ago

walt jr’s website :(

appledanish 🌧️ 13 days ago

i swear it’s been raining since january. i am not mad but it is abnormal

appledanish 😯 14 days ago

bro what if i just changed my name like i. can go by another name

appledanish πŸ’€ 15 days ago

i love my pumpkin time it is mostly reliable. when it’s 11 without fail i decide yup time to actually to go sleep

appledanish πŸ’” 15 days ago

this is myown private domicile and i will not be harassed. bitch

appledanish 🀩 15 days ago

my coping mechanism is. Ignore everything 😁

appledanish πŸ’€ 16 days ago

i just had the worst nap ever

appledanish πŸ“Ί 16 days ago

i’m watching the old sailor moon w my sister. Sailor moon is just like me fr (dramatic and failed creative writing class)

appledanish 😢 16 days ago

my bf said we should take a break j think my mind is completely blank. im havign zero thoughts like what i do i even do now

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