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fly me to the moon!


stel 💻 62 days ago

thinking about redoing my about page to be myspace-themed but it's harder than expected ):

stel 💻 65 days ago

ok i have nnno clue why but my html comment box guestbook aint showing my comments. this isnt fun

stel 🙂 69 days ago

i'm still alive!!!!!!

stel 💻 117 days ago

how the hell does javascript work

stel 🌙 123 days ago

having a crisis over whether i should make another website under my art username for my art or just put my art on my personal site

stel ✨ 144 days ago

gemini is so cool

stel 💻 150 days ago

css more like no

stel 📚 156 days ago

autumn break is over ):

stel 💻 176 days ago

so much school stuff auuugh