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Hello, I’m Lune!

I’m an animation student who loves jfashion, iyashikei, rabbits, and personal site development ^^


lune 🍦 1 day ago

choco gummy best candy ever

lune 🧋 2 days ago

What a lovely day...

lune 🌙 15 days ago

rewatching madoka magica.. gahh its soooo good

lune 🌧️ 16 days ago


lune 🍦 18 days ago

im sorry for ever slandering your animation tools procreate.. or maybe I’m not sorry cause now they’ve improved them!

lune 🌧️ 32 days ago

I took 5mg of melatonin and didn’t sleep an ounce…

lune 🍦 36 days ago

I’m so happy today.. everything makes my heart feel so light…

lune 🎮 39 days ago

who up tearing they kingdom

lune 🎨 48 days ago

drawing is so fun. sometimes i forget it’s something i can do competently

lune 🍦 50 days ago

who knew there was such an overlap between cute-themed personal site owners and style savvy franchise fans!

lune 🌧️ 52 days ago

crazy ass thunderstorm happening

lune 🌙 52 days ago

neocities is down how am i going to stare at my website for hours on end

lune ☕️ 54 days ago

I wanna complete a page about jfashion and an alpacasso shrine by the end of this month!

lune 😭 55 days ago

I passed all my classes!! Yayy :D

lune 🍦 55 days ago

having fun customizing my page :D

lune 🌱 56 days ago

first status ^^ i have a whole day to myself...