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Hello, I’m Lune!

I’m an animation student who loves jfashion, iyashikei, rabbits, and personal site development ^^


lune 🎶 11 days ago

i love my whimsical ass life

lune 🌙 19 days ago

tonight is so cozy im so happy :]

lune 💡 23 days ago


lune 🎶 69 days ago

there is kindness all around me, I just need to accept it

lune 🌙 74 days ago

been fujoing out lately

lune 🍦 96 days ago

imagining amvs to vocaloid songs still gives me the same joy as it did 10 years ago

lune 🌱 96 days ago

everything will be ok!

lune 🍞 99 days ago

I gave my diary a new background image. I feel like it adds more color to the page, though it may be distracting. lets see if I change it!

lune 🍞 104 days ago

my rising rank on the neocities front page intimidates me a little LOL...

lune 🍾 116 days ago

my birthday was so fun!!!!!!!

lune 🍦 117 days ago

woah.. turning 21 tomorrow..

lune 🌧️ 123 days ago

It’s gonna be raining all week, im excited to crack open my window, snuggle up in my warm bed, and fall asleep to the sound of rain

lune 🍦 130 days ago

i think I may be getting my first job in animation! :D

lune 💡 172 days ago

catching up on long overdue site maintenence! stand by...

lune 🍦 184 days ago

just what i need, a new expensive hobby. my doll obsession begins

lune 🍦 192 days ago

finals hell

lune 🍦 193 days ago

omg the nier concert is only a month away…

lune 🍦 197 days ago

Going to see the boy and the heron premiere!!!

lune 🌙 198 days ago

Accidentally letting go of a balloon and watching it drift farther and farther away is one of the saddest experiences…

lune 🫖 201 days ago

sick today but my roommate made me delicious congee and tea...

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