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Hello, I’m Lune!

I’m an animation student who loves jfashion, iyashikei, rabbits, and personal site development ^^


lune 🍾 2 days ago

my birthday was so fun!!!!!!!

lune 🍦 4 days ago

woah.. turning 21 tomorrow..

lune 🌧️ 10 days ago

It’s gonna be raining all week, im excited to crack open my window, snuggle up in my warm bed, and fall asleep to the sound of rain

lune 🍦 17 days ago

i think I may be getting my first job in animation! :D

lune 💡 59 days ago

catching up on long overdue site maintenence! stand by...

lune 🍦 70 days ago

just what i need, a new expensive hobby. my doll obsession begins

lune 🍦 78 days ago

finals hell

lune 🍦 79 days ago

omg the nier concert is only a month away…

lune 🍦 84 days ago

Going to see the boy and the heron premiere!!!

lune 🌙 84 days ago

Accidentally letting go of a balloon and watching it drift farther and farther away is one of the saddest experiences…

lune 🫖 88 days ago

sick today but my roommate made me delicious congee and tea...

lune 🍦 89 days ago

suika game game of the year

lune 🌧️ 91 days ago

intensely homesick again

lune 🍦 103 days ago

my vtuber brainworms are returning.. gahhh..gghhhheeaa.lkw...

lune 🍦 109 days ago

finished midterms WAHOO!

lune 🌧️ 111 days ago

looked at photos of my family and burst into tears. of course I’m homesick, but I also want things to be simple forever. I feel very alone.

lune 🍦 112 days ago

Hello website visitor. If you plan on leaving a comment can you do me a solid and tell me how you found my website? I'm curious!

lune 🍦 118 days ago

Rebecca sugar concert tomorrow ^^ I’m excited

lune 🍦 121 days ago

Happy Halloween! My friends and I watched Us it was so good

lune 🍦 126 days ago

Fashion Dreamer in only a week.. I can hardly wait ^_^

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