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Trying (and failing) to be a functional member of society.


gnos-nothing 🍞 3 days ago

I love grill cheese and tomato soup so much MY GOD

gnos-nothing 📖 4 days ago

I am so lost with attempting to read Rosenzweig dawg, it isn't even funny

gnos-nothing 😯 4 days ago

holy shit they added rolly desks to classroom while i was gone my tuition fees really were worth it

gnos-nothing ❄️ 5 days ago

the snow was nearly all gone, and then it literally snowed 20cm overnight. this winter is never gonna end :(

gnos-nothing ✏️ 7 days ago

crossing my fingers I'll at least complete my philosophy paper tonight... have a book review due on the 27th I need to work on too...

gnos-nothing 🥳 9 days ago


gnos-nothing 📚 10 days ago

God, there is so much to catch up on. I need to complete three essays by the end of the month, and I'm only just halfway through one rn...

gnos-nothing 🍕 14 days ago

whoever invented tomato soup was a real one

gnos-nothing 🥹 15 days ago

I may be going to Italy this Spring, let's goooooooooo

gnos-nothing ☕️ 16 days ago

i NEED my morning coffee T_T

gnos-nothing 💤 17 days ago

Maybe I should try to read a little bit before I go to bed...

gnos-nothing 💀 18 days ago

Oh my god my prof pronunces "shards" like "*shurds*". I love Canadian accents so much

gnos-nothing 😴 18 days ago

what if I feel asleep in the middle of my lecture haha, wouldn't that be so funny lol. im just joking, but it would be hilarious XD

gnos-nothing ☕️ 18 days ago

Thinking how much I could use another coffee this morning

gnos-nothing 🤒 20 days ago

I am worried that I got the flu my father caught a few days ago...

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