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https://katiepla.net/ <--- Go visit my website!! Its cool and handmade!


katieplanet 😱 5 days ago

Procrastination, coming to bite me in the ass once again.

katieplanet 🥳 6 days ago

DJ Starr got a new bow to celebrate 500 clicks (Thank you!!)

katieplanet 🌙 7 days ago

Its eclipse day!! Headed the museum for a watch party now!! Will share updates on the day in my blog later today!

katieplanet 🌧️ 8 days ago

Hoping for a bright, clear day for the eclipse tomorrow!! Also, Midwest Gaming Classic update coming soon! :)

katieplanet 💡 10 days ago

I'm really craving "adult" cereals. Raisin Bran, mini wheats, plain cheerios and sliced fruit.... Fuck, I'd even try grape nuts ATP.

katieplanet 🥳 10 days ago

Welcome to the new homepage! There is still more that needs to be added and fixed, but its stable enough to be the new home! yay!!

katieplanet 👽 14 days ago

I havent updated the blog in ages, but it's not because I forgot - I'm just busy working on Katie Pla.net 2.0!! It should be coming soon! :)

katieplanet 🙂 28 days ago


katieplanet 💀 35 days ago

I seriously need to drink more water...

katieplanet 🥱 38 days ago

4:31 am.... Still coding, can't stop...

katieplanet 💡 42 days ago

Alien Advice Column is coming...

katieplanet 😇 45 days ago

A wizard without its beard is like an angel without its wings.

katieplanet 👀 47 days ago

I'm about to make the meanest sitemap the world has ever seen.

katieplanet 😭 49 days ago

My tattoo fucking ITCHES!!

katieplanet 👽 49 days ago

Too soon to overhaul the main page? Overhauling the main page.

katieplanet 🌱 50 days ago

The inspiration is back!! Building a "Web Meadow" rn...

katieplanet 🙂 51 days ago

Feeling burnt out and uninspired with my website... Gonna keep holding strong though!

katieplanet 🔥 52 days ago

Cooking up some mean HTML activities tomorrow....

katieplanet 💀 54 days ago

Removing the audio player... RIP Star.FM

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