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if you think about it, status updates are just the modern version of bloodletting

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ooops 🔥 6 hours ago

holy SHIT ep 8 of yatagarasu ....... bruh

ooops 👀 9 hours ago

just biding time until Yatagarasu, my beloved, drops a new episode in 2 hours

ooops 🥰 1 day ago

maturing is understanding the popularity of romcoms

ooops 👽 1 day ago

untethered, floating in a bubble, communicating via transmissions and wistful sighs

ooops 🧐 1 day ago

how are you Dadaist and a hater? lol

ooops 🥹 1 day ago

This morning has been so frustrating already but at least theres a new episode of elf bride uwu

ooops 👽 1 day ago

in a silly goofy mood (rubbing my arm looking for ingrown hairs to make regret existing)

ooops 🤩 2 days ago

once again i have made javascript my b*tch (i say thru gritted teeth and a pounding headache)

ooops 👀 2 days ago

nearly done with my landing pop up, just gotta figure out how to make it remember when you hit ok so it doesnt pop up every visit

ooops 🧐 4 days ago

we so often look for solutions when we should be looking for an understanding

ooops 🥱 4 days ago

just socialized for one (1) hour and im exhausted. how do yall do this regularly wtf

ooops 🤩 5 days ago

i got 2 new layout bases done in the past 12 hours lessssgoooooo

ooops 💀 5 days ago

i had so many good ideas for how to format pages today... now to *sigh* code them

ooops 💀 7 days ago

guess how long ive been pitting cherries (with breaks, so my hands dont fall off)

ooops ❤️ 7 days ago

the dude at the market gave us a huge discount on cherries, so im making cherry syrup this morning~

ooops 🤖 8 days ago

phone call and dishes and laundry and not causing a pain flare up, oh my!

ooops 💀 9 days ago

tfw you try to sit with better posture and give yourself a muscle spasm

ooops 🎱 10 days ago

Put the interrobang back on keyboards. ?! is not sufficient, i need ‽

ooops 📺 11 days ago

i am once again asking everyone to watch Yatagarasu. pls dont let them do this dirty like they did 12 Kingdoms. pls.

ooops 🤔 12 days ago

(me, immediately after solving a code problem that was driving me insane all week) but what if, hear me out, i made it HARDER-

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