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I love websites


lsiekiera 💀 27 days ago

i finally fixed the display problem and just realized ive had it like this for a whole year..

lsiekiera 🙃 28 days ago

i have no idea why the post formats kinda broken... T_T

lsiekiera 📖 149 days ago

weird fiction is the bisexuality of genre

lsiekiera 💀 180 days ago

lmao why is the site broken i hate css positioning

lsiekiera 💀 200 days ago

i gotta exercise more my body is the corporeal version of a haunted house. creaky and spooky

lsiekiera 🙂 201 days ago

ppl who get heated about random strangers beliefs online are massive fucking losers

lsiekiera 🎶 214 days ago

gearing up for the holidays with the yaoi christmas playlist

lsiekiera 😡 215 days ago

Absolutely FUCKED UP how they made the new Webkinz look. Just fucked

lsiekiera ❄️ 222 days ago

i WISH i had the headspace and privacy to think about writing rn it's been so long. i'll see what I can get done with the month long break

lsiekiera 🥰 281 days ago

omg im soooooo sexy for solving this graphics driver issue. it's only taken me like 4 hours to override the OEM settings lol

lsiekiera 🥰 286 days ago

feeling much better today!

lsiekiera 🤒 287 days ago

sickness really knocked me off my ass today.. i'm so sore and i've spent most of the day sleeping

lsiekiera 🌈 291 days ago

general status update for this blog: I am finally back in school so I may not be as active! But this blog ain't going nowhere!

lsiekiera 💀 306 days ago

The bones I found were from a porcupine! I've never seen a live one around haha. IDing wild animal bones is surprisingly difficult

lsiekiera 🌈 312 days ago

site is cleaned up! I also posted another article!

lsiekiera 🤖 313 days ago

site cleanup is still in progress after the layout overhaul! be forewarned many of my pages are still busted!

lsiekiera 🎶 314 days ago

regret to say I am in my young scrolls phase again..

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