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riverson 🥹 13 hours ago

thank you piclog for registering me at last!! this will be fun i think

riverson 😎 10 days ago

i am wearing my fnf pins......marvelous../

riverson 🐱 12 days ago

we on the subterfuge grind..

riverson 😶 12 days ago

how in the SHIT did ALL my twitter accounts get hacked why cant malwarebytes find anything im so fucking angry

riverson 🐱 12 days ago

subterfuge nekoweb mix (im make it

riverson 🎶 23 days ago

silly billy suddenly injecting me with immense confidence in my singing abilities:

riverson 😶 29 days ago

finally remaking my personal website...for real this time im locked in

riverson 😶 43 days ago

do i finish this web button or do i learn to make rss feeds......decisions decisions

riverson 📺 52 days ago

i love fakebaby fnf so very much