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blue ❄️ 2 days ago

we do a little trolling

blue ❄️ 14 days ago

thanks for 30k views, sorry for slow updates

blue ❄️ 35 days ago

thanks for 25k views, pretty cool

blue ❄️ 38 days ago

i'll update the site again tomorrow ok let me just procrastinate a little more

blue ❄️ 41 days ago

actually, fuck cross-browser compatability, im doing things my own way, at my own pace. also, happy 420

blue ❄️ 44 days ago

gonna try to figure out how to make the site look good on all resolutions and browsers so itll stop fucking breaking

blue ❄️ 47 days ago

finally done with the homepage rehaul, still got work to do tho

blue ❄️ 49 days ago

minor site rehaul is almost finished woohoo

blue ❄️ 53 days ago

imagine that i have something interesting to put here ok

blue ❄️ 56 days ago

thanks for 20k views!!!! really means a lot to me, thank you

blue ❄️ 59 days ago

been listening to a lot of j-rock lately, tricot and kinoko teikoku go hard

blue ❄️ 63 days ago

finally coding on firefox now bc chrome fucking sucks lol, sorry if the site ends up looking a little weird

blue ❄️ 63 days ago

fuck i wish my life was interesting

blue ❄️ 68 days ago

thanks for 17k views i think

blue ❄️ 69 days ago

headphones broke today and i want to commit a crime

blue ❄️ 71 days ago

i just noticed that my finger has been bleeding for the past 10 minutes oh fuck

blue ❄️ 73 days ago

thanks for 16k views, sorry for lack of updates, im tired

blue ❄️ 78 days ago

trying out a new site background, hope you like it

blue ❄️ 79 days ago

15k views this fast???? thanks????

blue ❄️ 79 days ago

font update finally finished, enjoy the new look

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