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blue ❄️ 28 days ago

burnt some popcorn, gonna eat it anyways

blue ❄️ 31 days ago

you ever just feel like you wanna tear everything down? i feel that a lot

blue ❄️ 33 days ago

thanks for 8k views, i guess???

blue ❄️ 38 days ago

swing low, sweet cherry

blue ❄️ 39 days ago

its almost valentines day, time to celebrate how bitchless i am

blue ❄️ 40 days ago

thinking of overhauling the site, might ditch the web 1.0 aesthetic for something more 2000's webcore, idk

blue ❄️ 45 days ago

been getting back into danganronpa lately, sayaka and celes are still best girls

blue ❄️ 45 days ago

almost killed myself today, i am so fucking cool

blue ❄️ 51 days ago

im tired as fuck, depressed as usual, and have no idea what to do with the site rn

blue ❄️ 55 days ago

it's a stone, luigi

blue ❄️ 55 days ago

it's a stone, luigi

blue ❄️ 60 days ago

i can feel the silly levels rising

blue ❄️ 60 days ago

what if we kissed in the eroded badlands biome in minecraft...

blue ❄️ 64 days ago

i am so fucking tired rn

blue ❄️ 66 days ago

fuck my wrist hurts

blue ❄️ 68 days ago

cleaning out my pc's meme folder right now, all of it reeks of 2019 humor

blue ❄️ 71 days ago

everything hurts, and yet i feel so light right now

blue ❄️ 71 days ago

i fucking hate snakes

blue ❄️ 72 days ago

i am so fucking bored rn i feel like i should be doing something but i dont wanna do anything

blue ❄️ 76 days ago

i feel like someone hit me in the back of the fucking head please help me

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