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it/its/she/her, lesbian, Castlevania fan, I run the Forgemasters Castlevania forum and a personal website


wygolvillage 🌙 18 hours ago

i keep wanting to make an "about me" page but i never know how to describe myself lol

wygolvillage 💔 19 hours ago

would love to have a tamanotchi on my page but the site itself is too unresponsive for me to practically use. sigh

wygolvillage 🙂 21 hours ago

YAY ITS FINISHED (collapses)

wygolvillage ✨ 22 hours ago

ok trying to get back to working on the ooe shrine today. will i finish it? maybe!

wygolvillage 🌧️ 1 day ago

hate how my therapist tries to reframe issues i see With Systems and how they work, as like, personal issues. it doesnt help

wygolvillage 🌧️ 1 day ago

therapist appointment today blehhh

wygolvillage 🌙 2 days ago

ahhh daydreaming. well its the evening so i guess thats almost regulardreaming

wygolvillage 💤 2 days ago

last night i got scared by a huge huge roach crawling on my ceiling so i did not sleep well. help me

wygolvillage 🌙 4 days ago


wygolvillage 🔥 4 days ago

the continuing increase of monetization and advertising on tumblr is PISSING ME OFF

wygolvillage 🌙 5 days ago

smiles. going to the club tomorrow

wygolvillage 🌧️ 5 days ago

whoa i slept in like CRAZY even though i have work today. sobs

wygolvillage ✨ 6 days ago

working hard on my ooe shrine, stay tuned. once its ready ill have a big "SHRINES" link on my homepage

wygolvillage 💔 6 days ago

I HATE CSS GRRRRR why won't my background stop being a tile. i want it to fill the screen

wygolvillage 👀 8 days ago

been hard at work! stay tuned, but i've made a lot of headway on the text content of my planned ooe shrine page(s)...

wygolvillage ❤️ 13 days ago

WE GOT THE TICKETS!!!!! IM GONNA SEE THE CURE LIVE IN CONCERT BABYYYY (also im gonna be away from home for a little under a week see ya!!)

wygolvillage ✨ 14 days ago

MIGHT BE GETTING TICKETS TO THE CURE. not 100% certain bc of how buying tickets is set up (they could sell out) but um. 👁️👁️

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