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it/its/she/her, lesbian, Castlevania fan, I run the Forgemasters Castlevania forum and a personal website


wygolvillage 🌙 41 days ago

just found out about the dominique's curse true ending. yuri is real????????

wygolvillage 🌙 42 days ago

everyone say thank you to bella sara digital archive

wygolvillage 🌙 44 days ago

i feel so bad abt having nothing to blog about lately

wygolvillage 🌙 47 days ago

been rotating souji mikage in my mind a lot

wygolvillage 🌙 49 days ago

finished the utena rewatch. im so normal

wygolvillage 🌙 50 days ago

shoutout to southwest salad. my beloved

wygolvillage 🌙 53 days ago

apparently i have a week home alone to myself... what shall i do with it

wygolvillage 🌙 55 days ago

im so glad moonpaw has a unique design and isnt grey she-cat #42

wygolvillage 🌙 56 days ago

thank you to everyone who is still running fan forums in this day and age. you keep the world running

wygolvillage 🌙 59 days ago

im usually such a summertime hater but im enjoying the season rn

wygolvillage 🌙 60 days ago

working the day before memorial day pray for me

wygolvillage 🌙 61 days ago

you ever wish a vacation would just last forever. its fucked that i have to go to work tomorrow

wygolvillage 🌙 64 days ago

its crazy to me that may is already mostly over

wygolvillage 🌙 65 days ago

when i unlock the dragon in cookie clicker itsover for everyone

wygolvillage 🌙 67 days ago

i swear i have some of the worst timing for things on earth sometimes

wygolvillage 🌙 68 days ago

utena amvs rule because all the reused animation makes for insane match cuts <- my observation

wygolvillage 🌙 69 days ago

simple little potion game finally complete...!

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