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‧ β‚Š 𓂃♑ touch my skin softly as silk ΰ£ͺ ִָ֢☾.

(β˜†β‰§β–½^) ✿.*ο½₯q゚ mimi. she/they. '05, infj. student.

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tinybear 🌈 8 hours ago

alot has been happening but i wont complain, its been good. <3

tinybear πŸ’‘ 15 days ago

finished the exam i've been stressed about, and im happy with how easy it seemed.

tinybear πŸ“– 19 days ago

4 tests next week. lots of studying.

tinybear πŸ“š 20 days ago

reviewing for biology and listening to animal crossing music.

tinybear 🌈 21 days ago

i would genuinely love to create my own personal website. one day, perhaps.

tinybear β˜€οΈ 24 days ago

a good morning; making my space clean

tinybear πŸ“š 28 days ago

using pomodoro to study for my biology exam I have coming up.

tinybear β˜€οΈ 30 days ago

currently working on being a gentler soul.

tinybear 🌈 31 days ago

i always get anemoia. I would have loved to be alive in the 80s.

tinybear 🌧️ 33 days ago


tinybear ✨ 36 days ago

hm, idk what senior quote to do.

tinybear πŸ’€ 37 days ago

the feminine rage was TOOOO bad today.

tinybear 🍾 39 days ago

going bowling with other church members!

tinybear πŸŒ™ 40 days ago

my obsession with georgie cooper is getting a bit out of hand now....

tinybear 🌧️ 41 days ago

having to walk a mile to my first class in 11 degree weather is my 13th reason.

tinybear πŸ™‚ 43 days ago

my bible came in <3

tinybear ✏️ 44 days ago

i want to write a fanfiction..

tinybear 🌈 45 days ago

I ❀ Georgie Cooper

tinybear β˜•οΈ 46 days ago

i just changed my major!!

tinybear 🍱 46 days ago

in precalculus, begrungingly.