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foofoai 🛼 7 days ago

Oh boy. haven't worked on this site in a while

foofoai ✈️ 21 days ago

I like beetle cars. Seeing beetle cars makes me very happy

foofoai 💤 23 days ago

feeling a little sleepy. But I wanna draw.. hmm.. what a dilemma

foofoai 🍙 23 days ago

Not feeling that sick anymore, but I'm SO hungry ! I want some noodles.

foofoai 🌧️ 24 days ago

Feeling very sick. I have a headache and want to throw up. But we persevere !

foofoai 🌙 24 days ago

It's been raining really hard recently and it's scary. I only like rain in Moderate amounts!