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Sup, I'm KiwiMeowo, I talk about my life, my interests and my OCs.

Check out my neocities site if you are interested!


kiwimeowo 🐱 1 day ago

Because of my friend I cant stop calling cats as cars now

kiwimeowo 💤 3 days ago

Im back home... so tired

kiwimeowo 💤 7 days ago

First day in Tokyo, man I still kinda feel sleepy lmao

kiwimeowo ✈️ 8 days ago

Waiting for my flight, which is delayed for one hour

kiwimeowo 🌧️ 8 days ago

I hate how people pretend parents are the best people in the world

kiwimeowo 🥳 10 days ago

two days til trip to Tokyo

kiwimeowo 👀 10 days ago

I only just realised I haven't drawn Lavender full body for a while

kiwimeowo 🙂 11 days ago

Fuck you Youtube, I will not buy your shit even if you keep spamming the ads

kiwimeowo ☕️ 12 days ago

The walnut I'm eating taste kinda weird, a bit like... coffee?

kiwimeowo 🔥 12 days ago

I fixed my fav pair of sandals with staples, I'm such a genius

kiwimeowo ✨ 13 days ago

I'm hoping to finish Solar's comic before my trip to Japan

kiwimeowo ✅ 13 days ago

Yup, I impulsively bought plushie materials again

kiwimeowo 🔥 15 days ago

Working on the next comic, Solar being the silly again

kiwimeowo 💡 15 days ago

Oh I have a brilliant idea for my site...

kiwimeowo 🔥 16 days ago

I think my blog page is lagging now, might have to divided the years into sections

kiwimeowo 💀 16 days ago

I never noticed theres a block button on neocities until now

kiwimeowo ☕️ 18 days ago

Happy birthday Tojo Kirumi!

kiwimeowo ❤️ 18 days ago


kiwimeowo 📚 19 days ago

Final stretch! One more exam then I'm free

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