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Sup, I'm KiwiMeowo, I talk about my life, my interests and my OCs.

Check out my neocities site if you are interested!


kiwimeowo 🤒 1 hour ago

Oh my throat feels awful

kiwimeowo 🤒 1 day ago

My throat feels so dry

kiwimeowo 💤 2 days ago

After being a fanart artist for over 5 years, should I focus on my OCs?

kiwimeowo 💻 4 days ago

Working on my site made me forget about being lonely, but idk how long it can last

kiwimeowo ❤️ 4 days ago

The Crane Wives just released the music video for The Well!!!!!!!!!!!

kiwimeowo 💀 5 days ago

♫ If you were in my shoesss, you'd see I wear the same size as you ♫

kiwimeowo 💻 5 days ago

How do you do the mobile layout for status cafe????

kiwimeowo 💻 6 days ago

I updated my status cafe page, it looks so banger

kiwimeowo 🌈 6 days ago

I hope I can revisit M+ museum before 2024

kiwimeowo 🐱 7 days ago

<:3~ this is a mouse

kiwimeowo 🎨 9 days ago

I really want to try alcohol markers, but maybe after I use my remaining color pencils...

kiwimeowo 💻 9 days ago

Why my dropbox image url keeps failing

kiwimeowo ❤️ 10 days ago

Ever got that feeling where you want to talk about something, but you have already told that (yes I'm talking about my OCs)

kiwimeowo 💀 10 days ago

Oh god one of my pages is broken on my ipad

kiwimeowo 💀 11 days ago

I slept for 9 hours but Im still tired. So pissed

kiwimeowo 🥺 13 days ago

Strawberry cream cookie.,..,,

kiwimeowo 🛼 13 days ago

Holy FUCK I can both rollerskate AND rollerblade!!!!

kiwimeowo 🛼 14 days ago

Apparently I can adjust my rollerskates' trucks, now I can turn better. (Also I got bonked by a football)

kiwimeowo 🛼 15 days ago

Now I can turn on roller skates Bad news is that I lost a elbow guard

kiwimeowo 💀 16 days ago

It may not be as bad as primary school, but I DEFINITELY got bullied in secondary school. Maybe I'm just a girlfailure

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