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Deid | 30s | She/They/Maybe He

Forest girl by day, effeminate goth boy by night


deidlit 😴 3 days ago

Been taking it kinda easy until after Dawntrail is out, but looking forward to getting back to things when that excitement winds down.

deidlit ❤️ 12 days ago

Started playing Koudelka last night. How have I never started this game until now?? It's 100% my brand.

deidlit 🎮 15 days ago

Gonna do a write up for my site of my cozy retro game corner next, I'm excited~

deidlit 😭 18 days ago

I actually though it was Friday night for a minute but it's only Tuesday...

deidlit 🤒 25 days ago

In bed with a fever. Won't get much done today, it seems.

deidlit 🥳 33 days ago

350ish PS2 games tested and all but 1 worked! \o/

deidlit 📚 34 days ago

Feels good to learn some new stuff after tonight's study!

deidlit 📖 35 days ago

Gonna make an honest effort to try using my planner again this week

deidlit 📚 36 days ago

Was so nice to have an hour to just sit and read today~

deidlit 🎶 36 days ago

Preordering both Justice and Dreizehn DVDs from D's final concert as soon as I can next month. They're not a want but a NEED

deidlit 🎮 37 days ago

Time to test out some more PS2 games~

deidlit 🤩 38 days ago

New job actions for FFXIV look so gooood! So excited to try out RDM and AST!

deidlit 👀 38 days ago

Watching my spouse play Vampire Survivors is making me want to lose myself in it again