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erin libra mi/nd old web enthusiast



sinew 💻 41 days ago

updating my personal site and man i'm just bad at coding actually lmao

sinew 🤒 66 days ago

got covid and a 102.1 fever

sinew 👽 80 days ago

not sure what to do with myself lol

sinew 🥳 103 days ago

got my bedframe and a dresser built in the last two days babey!

sinew 😭 104 days ago

fucked up my back again putting together my bedframe

sinew ✨ 109 days ago

feel the most like myself that i've felt in a While

sinew 👽 133 days ago

holy shit what a wild time i've been having

sinew 😡 175 days ago

holy shit. oh my god. jesus fuckign chsti

sinew ✨ 184 days ago

finished a little project and i'm satisified with it for once

sinew ✨ 196 days ago

having a good day! got a lot done, and got good news!

sinew 😡 197 days ago

why is everyone physically around me such an asshole

sinew 😭 199 days ago

no new nail polish for a while ):

sinew 👀 203 days ago

really want to drop more $$$ on self care

sinew 🥰 206 days ago

i had a good day!

sinew 🎁 207 days ago

dropped $50 on nail polish and can't even bring myself to regret it

sinew ☕ 209 days ago

leon s. kennedy is not blond and i'm tired of the truth being silenced

sinew 🐱 214 days ago

cat woke me up by pissing on me. why this

sinew 💀 217 days ago

i get really sick of disingenuous concern from ableists

sinew 😯 220 days ago

my domain's been compromised and coding for ads has been placed on my pages, purposefully hidden off-screen. bruh

sinew 😡 222 days ago

car broke down. $700 for repairs. i can get to an appt with the other vehicle tomorrow but oof

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