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sinew 😡 10 days ago

domain host forcibly updated php and broke all my update and fanlistings scripts

sinew 💔 19 days ago

we lost little bits today. she was a good cat and will be missed

sinew 📚 31 days ago

got my college acceptance letter!

sinew 🙃 39 days ago

now i can barely use wifi in my room

sinew 😭 40 days ago

wifi isn't working properly so i can't use my laptop at my desk

sinew 😭 47 days ago

i'm always afraid to exacerbate my chronic pain, but if i don't, nothing will ever get done

sinew 🙂 52 days ago

finally managed to finish the project i've been wanting to do for days now lmao. got feet on my bookshelves and hung another plushie net up

sinew 😭 54 days ago

i haven't been able to hang up a plushie net for two days bc nobody has told me where the drill is

sinew đŸĨ° 55 days ago

senpai noticed me!!! ŲŠ( āš‘â•š ꇴ╹)Ûļ

sinew 😭 58 days ago

my back is back to the point it was when i first got injured...

sinew ❤ī¸ 112 days ago

kind people have crowdfunded my epipens

sinew 🙃 117 days ago

went into anaphylaxis last night lol

sinew 🎨 137 days ago

touching up my roots and then i'm going teal

sinew 💀 140 days ago

i am so sick of being chronically ill lol

sinew 💔 145 days ago

one of the cats had to be let go last night

sinew 💀 161 days ago

i was fighting for my life in therapy today

sinew 🍞 166 days ago

my dad's finally sending me my hello kitty toaster that i'd forgotten at his place after i moved!

sinew 🤐 180 days ago


sinew 😡 183 days ago

fuck - and i can't stress this enough - venmo

sinew 😡 191 days ago

three phone calls in and STILL haven't been able to speak with a human to resolve problems from THEIR incompetence

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