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sinew 🥰 5 days ago

thanks to my bf i got to go to half price books for the first time in years

sinew 💔 16 days ago

one of the cats died last night. landlord left it up to me to stay w/ him

sinew 💔 36 days ago

my uncle has developed cancer and malignant tumors in his spine. he's terminal, with 5 months

sinew 🌈 72 days ago

made a compromise so we're still out and about for now

sinew 😶 76 days ago

might go inpatient

sinew 😭 79 days ago

turns out steroid injections cause major bruising and agony

sinew 😶 93 days ago

took a tumblr personality quiz and it said i'm dr. heinz doofenshmirtz

sinew 😡 96 days ago

sure do love installing several GIGS of a program to my pc for something that has nothing to do with my actual career path bc school says so

sinew 💻 128 days ago

classes start again tomorrow. time to start on databases babey!

sinew 💔 131 days ago

physical therapist told me not to have high hopes

sinew 🙂 146 days ago

need surgery, but to request it i have to do more "aggressive" pt

sinew 🙃 149 days ago

got on my school's president's achievement list. supposedly an "honor" and "awarded to few." but i can't see it bc of auth app error

sinew 🐱 156 days ago

i'm so glad flurrie survived, but now i'm incredibly worried about the vet bill

sinew 🐱 158 days ago

flurrie has survived

sinew 😯 164 days ago

very worried about my cat

sinew 🙂 168 days ago

reading articles on web 3.0 enshittification is so oof

sinew 🙃 195 days ago

my endocrinologist asked me if i needed a med adjustment bc i was so shaky and i was like nope! just Stressed The Fuck Out lol

sinew 💔 195 days ago

this week has been so stressful idk if my heart can handle it lol

sinew ❄️ 204 days ago

first snow O_O

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