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sinew 🎨 16 days ago

touching up my roots and then i'm going teal

sinew 💀 19 days ago

i am so sick of being chronically ill lol

sinew 💔 24 days ago

one of the cats had to be let go last night

sinew 💀 40 days ago

i was fighting for my life in therapy today

sinew 🍞 45 days ago

my dad's finally sending me my hello kitty toaster that i'd forgotten at his place after i moved!

sinew 🤐 59 days ago


sinew 😡 62 days ago

fuck - and i can't stress this enough - venmo

sinew 😡 70 days ago

three phone calls in and STILL haven't been able to speak with a human to resolve problems from THEIR incompetence

sinew 😶 71 days ago

ankle update: i have more mobility. it hurts and i'm limping but i can more or less walk instead of crawl

sinew 🙃 72 days ago

fell down the stairs, skinned and hurt my ankle, and broke some nails

sinew 🍫 91 days ago

i got my nightmare before christmas pjs on and have full sized candy bars to give to the kiddos and i'm very excited!!!

sinew ✨ 95 days ago

second round of root touch-up babey

sinew 🙃 104 days ago

i am once again in a major health crisis

sinew 😡 105 days ago

having one of those days where so many agitating things have happened i feel closer and closer to a meltdown

sinew 👀 110 days ago

i need the dreamwidth community to get bigger so i can justify getting a premium account for more icons and mood themes lol

sinew 🤐 111 days ago

i love how things like twitter and this here exist and yet people use neocities timelines as lolrandom microblogs

sinew 🌈 116 days ago

it's my birthday and i hope it's gonna be good!

sinew 😭 120 days ago

coded a dreamwidth layout and it took roughly 10 hours i'm dying squirtle

sinew 🤔 120 days ago

i'd forgotten how Involved it was to code designs for livejournal and dreamwidth

sinew 💻 167 days ago

updating my personal site and man i'm just bad at coding actually lmao

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