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sinew 🙃 23 days ago

my endocrinologist asked me if i needed a med adjustment bc i was so shaky and i was like nope! just Stressed The Fuck Out lol

sinew 💔 23 days ago

this week has been so stressful idk if my heart can handle it lol

sinew ❄️ 33 days ago

first snow O_O

sinew 😭 38 days ago

my polly pocket nail polish set got lost in the mail

sinew 💤 45 days ago

would love to go a single night without being woken up by back pain

sinew 😶 47 days ago

exam part 2 was finishing up exam part 1 which... was already done

sinew 💾 47 days ago

exam part 2 today

sinew 🌈 56 days ago

had a good birthday and feeling better than i've felt in a while!

sinew 🌈 79 days ago

talked with the coordination retention advisor today, so feeling better about school

sinew 🙃 107 days ago

i am tempted to rip this tooth out of my skull myself

sinew 😯 110 days ago

it doesn't appear to be lupus. we're looking further into rheum disorders, and i asked about blood disorders before cancer screenings

sinew 🤔 118 days ago

we haven't ruled out cancer, but we're focusing on lupus for now bc leukemia screenings are more invasive (marrow biopsy and spinal tap)

sinew 🙃 132 days ago

got blood results back. i either have lupus or leukemia, the tests are so conclusive it's only either of those two

sinew 😱 163 days ago

cut my thumb pretty bad

sinew 🌈 174 days ago

dying my hair!

sinew 💀 180 days ago

domain migration is not going well

sinew 😡 196 days ago

domain host forcibly updated php and broke all my update and fanlistings scripts

sinew 💔 205 days ago

we lost little bits today. she was a good cat and will be missed

sinew 📚 218 days ago

got my college acceptance letter!

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