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solita 💤 4 days ago

gosh, its tough out here huh? Feeling: tired but good

solita ⛵ 13 days ago

Took the ferry to visit my parents this weekend. Happy that the boat is back in sailing shape. Feeling: a bit anxious to be honest

solita 🌱 18 days ago

I am officially the proud plant mom of 9 new plants! Feeling: a bit scatterbrained.

solita ⛵ 19 days ago

The boat made it a whole 400 meter this weekend... motor is not motoring well. Feeling weirdly optimistic?

solita ✨ 26 days ago

I'm too gay for this heterosexual Rom-com life is trying push on me. Feeling: spaced out.

solita 🤖 34 days ago

made my grandmother listen to daft punk in the car on the way home from ikea today. feeling dazed.

solita 💤 40 days ago

Cleaned the balcony today. My hands smell of algae and rubber. Feeling tired and nostalgic

solita 😭 41 days ago

just got done with an all weekend school admission test. feeling meh.