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mallow's little life


lumeloo 🎲 2 days ago

thank you to that player who healed my hp in the roblox expedition game. a godsent angel if i've ever seen one.

lumeloo 🎲 6 days ago

sometimes youtube ads come in the form of sappy short films. might be a marketing trick but i think it's sweet.

lumeloo 🎲 9 days ago

taking the time to process anger instead of giving into it -- the payoff is amazing

lumeloo 🎲 9 days ago

i was listening to music after pondering & praying & crying when suddenly thunder struck right on the song's climax. neat.

lumeloo 🎲 10 days ago

i know people are deep but... sometimes i feel like people here (irl) don't cry about anything other than death and romantic breakups

lumeloo 🎲 13 days ago

learned to cut my own hair & make it look nice. bye bye future salon fees

lumeloo 🎲 14 days ago

note to self: study & work hard so i can get out of this sick place 🧗

lumeloo 🎲 18 days ago

oh well. who am i to expect a perfect human? lol

lumeloo 🎲 18 days ago

travelling with people: these guys really just bought >100ml drinks right before xray scan; theres drinking fountains at the gates too -.-

lumeloo 🎲 19 days ago

the latest hnk chapter was so sweet; my favourite so far. 1 month till the finale.

lumeloo 🎲 27 days ago

🌙 i now type this status on a clear starry night, at the jungle gym's highest platform, dimly lit by a nearby building. what a vibe...

lumeloo 🎲 29 days ago

got my monthly seppuku (menstruation) after months of not having it ( `-`)b oh well

lumeloo 🎲 30 days ago

putting energy into remembering something is like detangling wires -- the payoff feels great.

lumeloo 🎲 32 days ago

woohoo duckyy. the duck is fed. quack

lumeloo 🎲 33 days ago

project outline done. woohoo! godbless

lumeloo 🎲 33 days ago

got to feed that duck today <3 might visit him again tomorrow

lumeloo 🎲 34 days ago

sometimes i feel like this school just impromptu's through everything. like what's with all these plan-disrupting sudden activities? lol

lumeloo 🎲 34 days ago

life is full of surprises; the exam was barely anything like the pointers lol. it's ok.

lumeloo 🎲 34 days ago

Whoa the dice emoji kind of looks like my profile picture. neat

lumeloo 🎲 34 days ago

dear author of the universe: thanks for reminding me of the insignificance of our little human lives & our little human society

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