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ceirios 🙂 60 days ago

returning to stardew valley and immediately standing outside of elliott's house with coffee at 6am hello i am here my love

ceirios 🌱 75 days ago

It's that time of year where goth cei fades away and cottagecore/hobbit cei reappears from hibernation

ceirios 🌱 82 days ago

Working on a new website layout and a new series of lotr pixel dolls!

ceirios 🥳 130 days ago

Dorohedoro Season 2 !!!! yess!!! 🥟🥟🥟

ceirios 😎 141 days ago

Guess who started watching JJK! I now have brainrot :D

ceirios 📺 151 days ago

I should be sleeping but my brain wanted to start a buffy rewatch

ceirios ❄️ 152 days ago

videos of people walking around japan are so calming <3

ceirios ❤️ 156 days ago

I just finished watching "Your Name" for the first time...such a beautiful film that made me cry so many times ❤

ceirios 💔 203 days ago

RIP Matthew Perry <3

ceirios 😭 215 days ago

I'm slowly becoming more upset with my online browsing experience. Websites trying to force ads on me and other websites just not working :(

ceirios 😭 246 days ago

Guess who got multiple metal splinters from her new recurve bow!!

ceirios ✨ 246 days ago

It's my birthday!

ceirios 🎶 251 days ago

new headphones arrived! i don't usually buy stuff in pink but these look really cute :')

ceirios 🎶 252 days ago

Had to order some new headphones! I'm fine with earbuds but my hearing has become slightly messed up from using them 😔

ceirios 🥳 265 days ago

Moved house! Now I have time to update site stuff

ceirios 😴 286 days ago

just had one of those naps where you wake up not knowing where you are or what year is it 10/10 would recommend

ceirios 😎 317 days ago

I didn't anticipate me getting this many attacks on artfight and now im panicking trying to keep up with revenges. send help.

ceirios ☀️ 337 days ago

Sun, I love you, I really do, but please turn down the temperature :C I'm MELTING!

ceirios 🔥 342 days ago

It's so warm today that I've actually had to find my USB desk fan

ceirios 👽 345 days ago

how to art send helP

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