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Just a friendly Mog, kupo~!!


mogknight11 💔 136 days ago

feeling better, still coughy ;;. i just wanna enjoy eating food again

mogknight11 👽 150 days ago

*papa roach voice* tear my tonsils into pieces, this is my last resort

mogknight11 ❤️ 157 days ago

my friends are such goobers, love them so much

mogknight11 💤 171 days ago

Seeing and being with family is always nice, but boy does helping host them tire me out

mogknight11 ☀️ 176 days ago

feeling less anxious this week, perhaps something good may even happen?? who knows~

mogknight11 💀 188 days ago

ever since i lost in mario party party on monday i've been taking L's all week

mogknight11 🙂 195 days ago

dungeon meshi dungeon meshi dungeon meshi

mogknight11 ❄️ 207 days ago

Finally Freeeee (for two weeks)

mogknight11 🍺 212 days ago

I'm blessed that I can still have good times with my friends after all these years, some I have known since elementary

mogknight11 🎶 217 days ago

concerts concerts concerts, stress stress stress

mogknight11 💀 273 days ago

i'm so tired, no one should have to work this long

mogknight11 🙂 308 days ago

Work meetings are long and boring, but the social aspect is nice as someone who doesn't get to be social most of the day~

mogknight11 🎶 321 days ago

Will happen, happening, happen.

mogknight11 🙃 328 days ago

Alexa play "Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi" by Pearl Kyoudai

mogknight11 👀 334 days ago

all of the dream, what does it mean

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