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Just a friendly Mog, kupo~!!


mogknight11 ❤️ 2 days ago

nothing like a can of cold coffee and a good visual novel to make a relaxing night~

mogknight11 🙂 5 days ago

saw an old friend and bandmate i haven't seen in like 3 years. glad he's doing well

mogknight11 💀 7 days ago

tirreedd i don't wanna write emails anymoorreee or tune new ukuleles ever againnn

mogknight11 ✨ 12 days ago

putting on music concerts are always a reminder of my own abilities and how i want to push myself to do better in everything that i do

mogknight11 🍷 16 days ago

i would like some cran-raspberry juice

mogknight11 🎷 18 days ago

Bao's "Citrus Love" has been stuck in my head all week, so what better thing to do than to cover it~

mogknight11 😭 19 days ago

i wanna start TOTK but I also have a lot of adult responsibilities next week oh to be young and free

mogknight11 💀 20 days ago

why do ideas for my projects come to me when i should be sleeping as i have work in the morning

mogknight11 🎮 23 days ago

100% completed a VN - Endless Monday by hcnone. A very fun read that hits really hard at times~

mogknight11 ❤️ 23 days ago

Vietnamese Coffee with Boba

mogknight11 💀 26 days ago

I took a 2 hour nap in my car today because i had a head and tummy ache. still made it through tho so let's goooo

mogknight11 ☕️ 27 days ago

late night iced coffee always hits the spot for me~

mogknight11 💤 30 days ago

thinking up ideas for my site but no time to do them rn

mogknight11 🥳 31 days ago

boy's night out at a tiki bar yaaay

mogknight11 🙂 33 days ago

i think i'm feeling better, kinda

mogknight11 💀 34 days ago

i think im getting sick ;;

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