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hello world, i'm gabby :) for less mundane, shortform ramblings, check out my blog <3


woolgathering ☀️ 35 days ago

hey sometimes sitting in the sun listening to alex g is enough to keep living for another day

woolgathering ☀️ 46 days ago

just took out my homestuck void hoodie from the back of my closet. i'm 13 again

woolgathering 🎮 58 days ago

a little bit too employed to be playing genshin until 1am multiple days in a row

woolgathering 🤔 65 days ago

have a very strong feeling crumbl cookies aren't all that good but i really want to eat one anyway

woolgathering 🙃 70 days ago

i do NOT want to go to work tomorrow.. i should've just filed for a leave bc i'm literally only working 1 day this week :/

woolgathering 💤 76 days ago

have to leave for the airport in like 2 hours should i still sleep

woolgathering ✈️ 81 days ago

had a lovely time in seoul! :) excited to visit bali this weekend as well

woolgathering ❤️ 87 days ago

so in love with guts deluxe... so american makes me feel so happy!!

woolgathering 🥺 95 days ago

just a person that receives validation by asking shadowheart how they're holding up in her estimations

woolgathering 🙂 108 days ago

for as long as there are friends to meet and things to love... life will always be worth living!!!

woolgathering 🌙 109 days ago

feeling weird again although i am unsure if i am actually upset or my period is gaslighting me into thinking i am

woolgathering 🤔 112 days ago

to draw or plays baldurs gate....

woolgathering 😎 114 days ago

a family friend from america just gave us a huge bag of snacks from trader joe's!

woolgathering 🎮 118 days ago

doing some alpha testing for a game i backed on kickstarter a while back.. so excited

woolgathering 🎶 118 days ago

i should've been at charli's boiler room

woolgathering 🍔 119 days ago

a really good sandwich could save me

woolgathering ✨ 120 days ago

"i heard you like magic, i've got a wand and a rabbit" is probably the lyric of all time. chappell roan the woman you are

woolgathering ✨ 121 days ago

playing dnd again after a month long break!!! we are SO BACK!!!

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