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The Cozy Cat is both my personal website as well as small web resource project that's constantly in development. My goal is to help bring in folks who are unfamiliar with the small web movement whom may be coming from more mainstream social platforms, and show them the freedom and creativity that comes with building their own creative personal website. Furthermore, I want to develop a system so that even people without any coding knowledge can easily create a really cool personal website. This is much further down the road, but I think making it as beginner friendly as possible will be a key component to helping people detach from surveillance-oriented big tech platforms.

The small web is a movement I've become passionate about over the past year of involvement, and something I want to actively contribute to while I'm here. If you'd like to keep up with my progress, I encourage you to follow my site updates RSS feeds. Don't know what an RSS feed is? Here's an article I wrote that explains it and how you can create one to follow all your favorite feeds/blogs/content creators across the web.

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thecozycat πŸ‘€ 2 days ago

Moonlight in Garland is one of the cutest games I've played in awhile! Maybe the next Stardew Valley once it's out of early access!

thecozycat ✨ 6 days ago

Tomorrow is my birthday. :) I don't think I want to do anything though. Just stay home and spend time with family. β™₯

thecozycat ✨ 9 days ago

Added a Resource Archive to the Town section of my site. There's a bunch of repeatable backgrounds I've made in Canva. All free-to-use. β™₯

thecozycat πŸ’€ 10 days ago

Just finished sorting through thousands of beads. It takes SO long to sort haha

thecozycat 🎀 18 days ago

The Free Speech Webring has undergone a major overhaul! If you're part of this ring, please update your widget! The old one no longer works!

thecozycat 🎨 22 days ago

Busy with course and work but going to try and get some work done on the Library/Book Ring this week.

thecozycat 🀩 24 days ago

Down 13lbs since the New Year and still going strong! If I lose 10lbs a month I'd be really happy. :) I'll reach my goal by summer.

thecozycat πŸ’‘ 27 days ago

Just bought a couple courses. One for full stack development and Wordpress development. Guess I'm doing this! 😎 Look out 2024 haha

thecozycat πŸ™‚ 30 days ago

It actually blows my mind just how uncommon it is to make websites for fun instead of business. Why aren't more people doing this?? xD

thecozycat πŸ₯³ 34 days ago

Almost finished my reading goal for the month! Right on target! πŸ€“πŸ“š

thecozycat 🌧️ 38 days ago

Mentally drained. People are really exhausting sometimes.

thecozycat 🀩 41 days ago

Just successfully made an interactive NPC for my site's Resident Services! I just might do this with all my site NPCs! Now for a town nameπŸ€”

thecozycat πŸ˜‚ 43 days ago

Does anyone ever want to just leave it all and go live in the middle of the forest away from everything and everyone? No? Just me? Ok.

thecozycat πŸ₯³ 44 days ago

Making progress on Marigold.Town's library. 😁 I have The Book Ring's member directory fully migrated over. Lots to do still, but progress!

thecozycat πŸ™‚ 46 days ago

My site almost has a visual novel sort of feel to it now. Contemplating writing lore and a backstory haha it's sort of its own little world.

thecozycat 🀩 46 days ago

Major site overhaul is now live! Been working tirelessly for the last 5 days and still have a lot to do, but this is the foundation.

thecozycat πŸ₯³ 46 days ago

8lbs down since the New Year!! Not bad for two weeks, but still have a long way to go before I reach my goal. Still feeling motivated!

thecozycat 😴 47 days ago

Not MIA, been coding and web designing tirelessly for the past 3 days. Don't want to release anything until it's perfect!

thecozycat πŸ₯³ 50 days ago

2024 is going to be a big year expanding The Cozy Cat website! And hopefully, bringing in a lot more people to the small web. :D

thecozycat πŸ™‚ 50 days ago

New site poll up!

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