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thecozycat 🤔 2 days ago

Might go apple picking today maybe.

thecozycat 😶 3 days ago

Spotify has a new AI DJ and it's honestly terrifying how much it sounds like a real person. Welcome to dystopia, where AI takes all our jobs

thecozycat 📚 4 days ago

Starting to read A Court Of Thorns And Roses. ♥ SO good so far! I understand the hype! Still need to write a review for Losing Hope.

thecozycat 💡 5 days ago

May take a break from social media and the web for a bit to disconnect. Kind of feeling to do more reading & spend more time outdoors.

thecozycat 🧐 5 days ago

It's crazy how many bits of truth there are to the Divergent series. It's quite a deep series, reflecting on our own world & future.

thecozycat 🌱 6 days ago

"It's not my job to be likeable. It's my job to be myself. The right people will gravitate."

thecozycat 📚 6 days ago

Just finished reading Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover. 😭 What a roller coaster! Definitely posting a book review about it soon!

thecozycat 🏆 9 days ago

Changed up the webring! It now has a specific purpose as many other webrings do. Introducing the Free Speech Webring!

thecozycat 🥰 9 days ago

Just updated my site button to match my new theme! You can find it in the Clubhouse section of my front page.

thecozycat ✨ 10 days ago

Accepting members for my webring! You can never be part of too many webrings. :) More webrings = more opportunities to be discovered.

thecozycat 🌧️ 11 days ago

Hurricane day today! Staying cozy. Hope everyone stays safe and inside.

thecozycat 🎶 12 days ago

Sound cleansing is my favorite way to energetically cleanse a space. Very effective.

thecozycat 🥳 13 days ago

One more day until my long weekend begins! Finally ❤️

thecozycat 😂 14 days ago

"DNI lists" are so stupid. 😂 Are they a joke? Lol it seems like it's mostly children who have them. What a sheltered generation.

thecozycat ❤️ 16 days ago

Finished designing our tiny home! Might make a post about it and show pictures. SO proud of it! Now to bring this vision into reality. 😍

thecozycat 🥰 16 days ago

Today is a day of self care and I consider working on my website a form of self care, so, guess what's getting updated today?!

thecozycat 🙂 18 days ago

May not update for a bit! Neck deep in tiny house planning and purging things in preparation to downsize. 😆 So busy!

thecozycat 💡 19 days ago

Tiny house designing! Got an AMAZING deal on six 6ft mirrors. I'm going to have to dedicate part of my site to my tiny house journey. :')

thecozycat 🙂 21 days ago

Do ya'll just ever sit and stare at your site for awhile 'cause you feel proud of what you made? :) This is a very fulfilling hobby.

thecozycat 👀 22 days ago

Just finished a post about my paranormal experiences and spiritual journey. It's in the Cauldron section of my site if you feel spooky. :)

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