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always_rest 🚄 20 days ago

goin to London for a couple days with only my dumbed down smartphone.. wish me luck

always_rest 🎶 25 days ago

I just love the album 1977 by Ash so much

always_rest 😶 25 days ago

having dinner alone with my transphobic brother wish me luck

always_rest 🥰 26 days ago

whenever i try to express my platonic appreciation for my (straight) friend that i have a crush on it always comes out as flirting help

always_rest 🤔 26 days ago

trying to work out how to politely tell someone i don't want to be friends with them

always_rest 🎶 27 days ago

Every day I get closer to uninstalling Spotify

always_rest 📺 29 days ago

feeling so distant from pop/celebrity culture.. simultaneously liberating and isolating

always_rest ✨ 31 days ago

got to talk to my guy today for the first time in ages.. just as compelling as he was last time

always_rest 📖 32 days ago

getting back into reading after ages