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always_rest ✅ 3 days ago

over 24 hours till i next check my emails W

always_rest 🙃 3 days ago

How long are we betting it'll take until I next get an interview D:

always_rest 🙃 6 days ago

odds on i withdraw my acceptance of a job offer for my dream summer job and apply somewhere else because of the government

always_rest 😶 8 days ago

interview in 20 minutes HELP

always_rest 🥱 11 days ago

is my election night restlessness going to drive me to read politics rpf or will I retain my dignity

always_rest ✅ 14 days ago

online interview booked fuck yes employment here we come

always_rest 🙂 15 days ago

WHY is NO ONE replying to my job applications PLEASE END MY UNEMPLOYMENT HELL

always_rest 😡 24 days ago

I do NOT want to do unemployed depression summer again so they'd BETTER give me the damn job

always_rest 🌈 30 days ago

Trans girl sat on in front of me on the bus I love your pink blue and white nails <3

always_rest 😡 33 days ago

told someone i'd had a crush on them never doing that again

always_rest 🎶 45 days ago

mahler symphony 5 save me from my exams

always_rest ☀️ 57 days ago

What is summer without folk music

always_rest 🙂 83 days ago

up to date photo ID here i fucking COME!!!

always_rest 🙂 86 days ago

When will we get ... the time to be ... Just Friends

always_rest 🙂 93 days ago

friendship ended with sports bras now tissue & surgical tape is my new best friend

always_rest 📺 95 days ago

gonna rewatch bbc uncle .. errol meyer save me

always_rest 🙂 103 days ago

How do I cope with my favourite artists since I was 12 releasing a Rupi Kaur/Pinterest deep thoughts post style (!??) poetry book

always_rest 😡 103 days ago

WHY did i not know until now that you can apply for a provisional licence with different name just by providing deed poll!!!!

always_rest ✨ 108 days ago

it's jesus christ superstar time

always_rest 🌈 110 days ago

might watch 4 different versions of jesus christ superstar this year just for the lols

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