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Hey there ~ I'm Alys!



alys-realm 🧐 17 hours ago

the Spike-ification of Eric Northwood rn ??πŸ€”

alys-realm 😑 21 hours ago

ohhhh im so irritated right now. My code that was fine is now broken and i said i was gonna upload my already finished page td LOL

alys-realm 🀩 1 day ago

i might have cracked the 'website' "code" FINALLY

alys-realm πŸ₯³ 2 days ago

hi team what's up

alys-realm 🀩 18 days ago

free sewing machine what we making !!!!

alys-realm ✨ 21 days ago

just got a haircut finally i feel so FANCY :D

alys-realm ✏️ 24 days ago

making a site is not supposed to be stressful making a site is not supposed to be stressful making a

alys-realm πŸ€– 29 days ago

CYBERPUNK EDGERUNNERS?!?!?!?!?! HELLO!?!?!? f yeah choom

alys-realm πŸ’€ 35 days ago

I feel like my site updates are so slow compared to literally everyone else lol.

alys-realm πŸ˜› 47 days ago

hey all (if any1 is actually seeing this) it's been a while! hang tight though because im almost done with my update

alys-realm 😯 60 days ago

oh she's playing valorant again ...

alys-realm 🍞 69 days ago

subway so good when a rat aint telling u it tastes like shit (i'm eating sandwish)

alys-realm 🐱 75 days ago

yo why is my life so fucking insane

alys-realm 🀩 82 days ago

hello team i just got done having sepsis so.... that's my lack of activity sitewise

alys-realm πŸ™ƒ 95 days ago

when the bugs in my head zap his voice into my brain πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

alys-realm 🧐 97 days ago

listened to grimes while brushing my teeth (vigorously), which is very antithetical… which is also very grimes. what is grimes?

alys-realm 🐱 101 days ago

I fear I may be getting very fond of Neopets

alys-realm πŸ€– 102 days ago

ohhhhh guess who wants to change their theme up again [humongous suprise its me]

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