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alys-realm 🙃 2 days ago

when the bugs in my head zap his voice into my brain 😵‍💫

alys-realm 🧐 4 days ago

listened to grimes while brushing my teeth (vigorously), which is very antithetical… which is also very grimes. what is grimes?

alys-realm 🐱 9 days ago

I fear I may be getting very fond of Neopets

alys-realm 🤖 10 days ago

ohhhhh guess who wants to change their theme up again [humongous suprise its me]

alys-realm 🥺 11 days ago

distressed bc i need to get my wisdom teeth out tmrw. last min bc they’re rotting and i know they have to come out i just UGH

alys-realm 💀 14 days ago

im so slow trying to make new pages whyyyyy

alys-realm 🤩 15 days ago

NEW HOMEPAGE LIVE!!!! wwwwooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo that took me forever im so proud of it

alys-realm 💻 19 days ago

Chat this is so exciting I've figured out CSS grid

alys-realm 🥹 22 days ago

oh my GOD reworking my site is driving me insaneeee

alys-realm 🫖 28 days ago

can i get uhhhhhhhhh... can i get.. uh..