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★ sleepy "webmaster" ..


vampire-aster 💤 22 days ago

IM BACK !!!! (and also extremely sleepy )

vampire-aster 🌈 34 days ago

wont be able to do any coding for the next 10 days or so, i`ll be visiting my home country !!

vampire-aster 💻 39 days ago

currently working a new about page, i also forgot to mention this but i turned 19 3 days ago

vampire-aster 🌈 52 days ago

started watching kikai sentai zenkaiger ! (and putting fourze on hold until i feel like finishing it)

vampire-aster 🌈 56 days ago

went shopping today and got so much cool stuff ^^ the weather was really nice today too !!

vampire-aster 📺 59 days ago

JUST WATCHED SHIN KAMEN RIDER !!!!!!!! loved it so much ^___^

vampire-aster 💤 59 days ago

hate how much i stuggle with trying to find backgrounds for my site :(