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aster / IV ★
webmaster of "vampire aster"

currently feeling ★ The current mood of abyssos at


vampire-aster 🌧️ 6 days ago

big changes coming next site update , one being a possible site name change ^__^ wont be happening for a few weeks though .

vampire-aster 💤 7 days ago

MAN .. im so tired . i need to go back to sleep ..

vampire-aster 🌧️ 7 days ago

man....... why is friday already .

vampire-aster 🙂 10 days ago

working on revamping my art page

vampire-aster ❤️ 12 days ago

new about page is now live !!! ^__^

vampire-aster 🌈 12 days ago

hmm new about page is done coding i think , uploading it later today !

vampire-aster 💻 12 days ago

working on new about page, very excited to finish this ^__^

vampire-aster ❤️ 24 days ago

coursework & essay given in , i can finally start doing some coding again !!!

vampire-aster 📖 26 days ago

my coursework is extremely close to being done ...... cant wait to finally be able to code soon and work on my site again ^_^

vampire-aster 🌈 40 days ago

started thinking about my ffxiv ocs and i feel so much happier all of a sudden

vampire-aster 💔 44 days ago

complete toku library on archive dot org is GONE...LIKE ALL OF IT.. im so upset rightnow

vampire-aster 🌈 66 days ago


vampire-aster 💻 66 days ago

might remake my about page again just so it fits the rest of the site

vampire-aster 💻 72 days ago

shrine directory finished !!!!!! i need to lay down asap my back hurts so much

vampire-aster 🌈 73 days ago

finally figured out how i want my shrine page directory to look !!

vampire-aster 🌈 79 days ago

got gifted a jigglypuff plush today !! its really cute..

vampire-aster 💻 81 days ago

updated site with the new index page !

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