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ctrl64 😭 46 days ago

finished my chem exam, no more studyingi can finally code

ctrl64 🙃 54 days ago

studied all morning for my chem exam just for someone to pull the fire alarm right as im headed to class..... i hate u and love u -____

ctrl64 😡 56 days ago

huge fuck you to the kid(s) pranking ppl in my neighborhood by banging on doors

ctrl64 ❄️ 57 days ago

as soon as halloween is over, im putting up my winter homepage immediately not even finna wait for thanksgiving

ctrl64 ✨ 58 days ago

to bed i go, and then i will make graphics for my about page... yapeeee

ctrl64 😇 58 days ago

eee i forgot that adblock has a block element function and i can just hide follower counts that way im so happy ^___^

ctrl64 🤩 59 days ago

finished barebones of my about page !! ^___^ going to finish school work then go back and finish up the graphics for my page

ctrl64 🥰 61 days ago

aa bought a cute sticker :3!! plan on buying a poster to go with it later! yipeee

ctrl64 🥱 74 days ago

diary entry done; definetely revamping it when i can :')