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World's largest rodent!


capybara 🛹 2 days ago

I need to be hitting the gym again!!!

capybara 😭 3 days ago

>Works says vacations can be PTO >Was not paid for vacation ...oh come on!

capybara ✨ 11 days ago

My vacation ends Sunday...Almost not ready to go back to work.

capybara 🌈 14 days ago

I can't wait to go out with my capybara bag!!!

capybara 🌈 18 days ago

Jesus, I generally don't look at my site stats but it's kind of spooky how I get so many daily. I hope I gave people a laugh!

capybara 🥳 20 days ago

My vacation is so soon!!! I hope I finish my G3 MLP page sometime.

capybara 🌈 27 days ago

My vacation is over a week away!!!

capybara 😯 31 days ago

I really really hope things go well in November!!!

capybara ✏️ 33 days ago

Finally got a public journal off the ground. It'd be easier to just dust off my old Dreamwidth, but I'm not ready for the community 😭

capybara 🙂 34 days ago

I changed my layout on here!

capybara 💡 35 days ago

My mom found a check from 2003... It was so I could buy the Homestar Runner CD...

capybara 🤐 35 days ago

When you want to write, but not code... Sigh!

capybara 🙂 40 days ago

I've contemplated making a diary page...but every day I don't bother writing in it.

capybara 💀 48 days ago

Sometimes the "leveling up/training" part of art is the worst... I just want to finish something.

capybara 🌈 52 days ago

When I pay off my debts I'm going to buy a domain name...

capybara 🌈 56 days ago

Bought a notebook yesterday that I'm using to help me draft things when I'm not on desktop!

capybara 😭 57 days ago

This is the second Uber driver that thought I was a teenager...

capybara 📱 59 days ago

I wish smartphones weren't a huge part of daily life. I feel more at peace when mine is shut off. But work might call me...

capybara 🍕 60 days ago

I was distracted and burned my pizza... I'm going to eat it anyway. Crunchy!

capybara ❤️ 63 days ago

My new pony came in the mail!

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