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World's largest rodent!


capybara 🙂 3 days ago

I need to update my FE pages when I can, some of my opinions have changed...

capybara 🤐 4 days ago

Last day off and I could only got to the gym once this week...but one is better than none.

capybara 🛼 9 days ago

Hit the gym 3 days last week...Here's hoping I can do another 2-3 this week!

capybara 🍸 14 days ago

My Neopet is 21 today!!!

capybara 🙂 15 days ago

I need to be hitting the gym a day for at least 2-3 days a week. Walk on the others, if possible.

capybara 🤐 15 days ago

Mark my words, I will be hitting the gym again. Slacking for months caught up to me...

capybara 🙂 16 days ago

I'm allowed to stay up late on a day off, just as a treat...

capybara 😛 17 days ago

*Baby Sinclair voice* I'm the problematic fav, gotta love me!

capybara ✨ 18 days ago

My Neopet's birthday is soon!!

capybara ☕️ 21 days ago

I'm still recovering from an acne break out that started days ago...I forgot how bad too much sugar can be for your skin!

capybara 💾 21 days ago

I think I'm figuring out CSS more!!! Going to try to convert an HTML effect to CSS with what I know now.

capybara ✅ 22 days ago

>wake up >throw gym clothes on >go for a run >shower Very based of me!

capybara 🏂 23 days ago

Trying to get back to walking on weekends (+ Monday) and going to the gym on weekdays...

capybara 📺 24 days ago

Teen me was something else for managing to watch so many old (and obscure) cartoons pre-Youtube/streaming-era...

capybara ✅ 25 days ago

Getting back on the exercise grind by running after I wake up...worth it.

capybara 🙃 25 days ago

Last week was working 5 days in a row, next week is too... At least I get 2 days off in a row after.

capybara 🎁 26 days ago

Fingers crossed a certain merch I want is still in stock by next paycheck...

capybara 📱 28 days ago

Just turn off your phone sometimes. It's peace.

capybara 😭 29 days ago

My wi-fi has been shitting itself right when I want to watch things on my days off...

capybara 📺 30 days ago

I really want to (re)watch a season of Pokemon but there's so much filler... :/

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