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dvdexe 💻 38 days ago

friendship ended with napsterbots, peter is my new best friend

dvdexe 🤒 93 days ago

i want to draw but also i want to play games but also i want to watch a whole tv series but also i want to work on my ocs but also i want to

dvdexe 🤐 100 days ago

big week for the games i play this week, horrible for my attention span when i have commission stuff to draw IM SORRY

dvdexe 🛼 115 days ago

finished side order in a day and yet i want to keep playing it .......

dvdexe 🍫 125 days ago

updated my games liveblog website, hoping to start playing UT again

dvdexe 🥺 139 days ago

i got mona'd. so i'm hoping i hit early pity this time (nahida was like 78, mona 81) and if not, i'll save for sigewinne or someone cool

dvdexe 🎮 141 days ago

pulled nahida! now speedrunning chenyu vale and praying to micmac that i get xianyun too

dvdexe 🧋 154 days ago

working on my website redesign!