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ill eventually get around to designing this properly i promise


cygnet 🤔 9 days ago

the steam summer sale is calling to me

cygnet 😎 34 days ago

busy on holiday

cygnet 🤐 42 days ago

i havent started packing for my flight...

cygnet 🙂 45 days ago

why do we have a whole month for gays but not a single day for fortnite players

cygnet 😴 47 days ago

ive been so so tired

cygnet 😭 54 days ago

i got a really bad haircut oh man...

cygnet 🌧️ 58 days ago

sometimes i think of scheherazade by richard siken

cygnet 💀 73 days ago

jesus christ i have so much work to do this weekend

cygnet 😭 75 days ago

i am so incredibly lethargic im about to fall asleep in school

cygnet 😡 79 days ago

fuck my stupid baka life

cygnet 🍞 80 days ago

craving a loaf of focaccia rn

cygnet 🌙 82 days ago

currently listening to cold visions by bladee

cygnet 💀 85 days ago

running on 4 hours of sleep and a packet of haribo

cygnet ✨ 90 days ago

miss my friends so much

cygnet 🤒 91 days ago

oohhhshgohh so many ideas for neocities pages so little time...

cygnet 😶 94 days ago

just watched the piano teacher (2001)... michael haneke youre kinda insane

cygnet 🥱 100 days ago

making bio flashcards on anki!

cygnet 😎 103 days ago

24 karat magic in the aiiirrrr

cygnet 👽 104 days ago

eating haribo gummies

cygnet 🙂 106 days ago

gotta study math zzzzz

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