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ren ☆ he/him ☆ 24 ☆ usa
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renyoi 🎲 13 days ago

for some reason i am always running out of time to do the things i want to do :[

renyoi ✏️ 24 days ago

need to catch up on japanese studying i missed bc of moving :[

renyoi 🤐 30 days ago

i am so tired BUT we are almost completely moved in to the new apartment. yay!!

renyoi 🎱 38 days ago

big moving day this friday FEAR FEAR FEAR

renyoi 💻 44 days ago

all i want to do lately is browse neocities

renyoi 😶 46 days ago

2-8pm shift tomorrow can't decide how to feel about it :(

renyoi 💀 46 days ago

im gonna be so real i dont even know how people get STARTED making a button. esp when they aren't an artist? like girl what's happening

renyoi ☀️ 47 days ago

i live in seattle so i wasn't able to see the eclipse </3 sad!

renyoi 🥳 48 days ago

it's my birthday!! i am now 24 O_o

renyoi 🥱 49 days ago

feeling sooo tired today & idk why. did grocery shopping but i still have other things i need to do but im tired :[

renyoi 🤩 50 days ago

bday on sunday so i have a 3day weekend yayyyy

renyoi ✨ 52 days ago

finished customizing my profile on here :3 yay!

renyoi 📖 52 days ago

just started a new job at a bookstore owo