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serenefork 💤 13 days ago

I have gotten so sick...

serenefork 🎨 19 days ago

I have been struggling so much trying to make a 88x31 button... It has been a hard time for me... I am working on some mascot drawings too!

serenefork 🌈 25 days ago

I started a new job last month, it's been fun! Also, I'm going to try NaNoWriMo this year!

serenefork 🌈 45 days ago

I've been feeling better! I hope to update the site soon, but it might not be the art update I was hoping for when I made my last update...

serenefork 🥹 52 days ago

My last update was about being sick, and this update is also about being sick...............

serenefork 🤒 74 days ago

I've been sick the past week :(

serenefork 💀 92 days ago

Haven't been doing so well lately, but I went to the boardwalk recently... I'm planning a post about it...

serenefork ✏️ 118 days ago

Designing a mascot and 88x31 buttons!!

serenefork 💀 119 days ago

trying to reorganize my website links...

serenefork 🌈 120 days ago

Struggling to place my webring widget...

serenefork 💻 123 days ago

I'm going to be updating my site a bunch today (I think...) Stay tuned for the RSS update I guess!

serenefork ✨ 123 days ago

I've gotten a nice comment on my neocities profile about my site! I'm so happy that someone out there likes it!

serenefork ✨ 127 days ago

I've been cleaning my room, it's not very organized yet but it's already so much better just from tidying ^^

serenefork 🙃 127 days ago

doc says my glasses prescription has been too high for 4 years.... eek!!

serenefork ✨ 128 days ago

finally sharing my neocities!

serenefork 😶 129 days ago

struggling to update my neocities

serenefork 😭 133 days ago

might stop using tumblr after all the terrible updates...

serenefork 🌧️ 146 days ago

when my flight got cancelled and i had to rebook it :(

serenefork 🌧️ 147 days ago

waited in the airport for 5 hours just for my flight to get cancelled :( had to rebook for 2 days from now

serenefork ✨ 148 days ago

getting ready for a trip to visit my little sibling

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