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serenefork 🌈 3 days ago

WOOO! One of the jobs I applied to reached out finally!

serenefork 💤 3 days ago

My unemployment claim is processing well it seems.

serenefork 🌈 9 days ago

I've been playing dress up games again lately!

serenefork ✅ 12 days ago

Setting up a couch in my living room today. :)

serenefork ⛵ 23 days ago

Uh oh! My site sprung a leak!

serenefork 💀 27 days ago

The site I use for my RSS feed is down...

serenefork ✨ 27 days ago

Version 2 of my site is finally live! Yay!

serenefork ✅ 29 days ago

I might get to finish some of my big to-do list tasks today! I'm very excited.

serenefork 🌈 29 days ago

I'm considering releasing v2 of my site earlier than I originally planned since it is going to take me longer to finish like 2 pages.

serenefork 💀 30 days ago

My package got delivered to my old address and the landlord isn't there yet for me to retrieve it.

serenefork 🌈 30 days ago

I found my 3ds! Yay! I want to make some 3ds game shrines sometime...

serenefork ✨ 33 days ago

I have to finish two more pages before I release the new version of my site!!

serenefork ✨ 33 days ago

I somehow spent all day working on the new version of the site!! Woah!!

serenefork 💾 35 days ago

I might be able to release a version of the new site later this week if I keep up this pace! I'm getting some help with it from a friend! ^^

serenefork 💻 36 days ago

Coding away at the new version of the site!

serenefork 💻 37 days ago

Learning how to use VSCodium so I don't have to live update my site every time I want to change something...

serenefork 💻 38 days ago

Just saw my site on mobile... I need to make it so that it is actually usable there. I am asking for help.

serenefork 🏆 39 days ago

My display case arrived for my collections! I'm going to build it later. Still on the search for my camera though...

serenefork ✨ 39 days ago

I've finally learned how to make a cute background for my homepage and I'm learning a lot about putting images on my site!

serenefork 💡 41 days ago

I'm slowly learning how to make my site more visually appealing! Currently I'm thinking about making a css/ style testing page...

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