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toastgirl 👀 1 day ago

march and april is gonna be crazyyy!!

toastgirl ✨ 1 day ago

shoutout to every aquarius in the world

toastgirl ☀️ 2 days ago

can't wait for the weekend omg

toastgirl 👀 2 days ago

extremely good hair day!!!!

toastgirl 🙂 2 days ago

the struggle is part of success (me trying to motivate myself on a thursday LOL)

toastgirl 🙂 4 days ago

update on the ant war: i won

toastgirl 🙂 5 days ago

me and my boyfrined

toastgirl 👀 8 days ago

trying to get into blue sky but the art isn't hitting the same

toastgirl 🙂 9 days ago

it's 2/22!!! (opens portal to chickfila)

toastgirl ❄️ 9 days ago

iced drinks are just superior

toastgirl 🙂 10 days ago

life only gets better (i will only accept this fact)

toastgirl 😭 11 days ago

he makes me feel so safe and secure hehe!!!

toastgirl 🌱 11 days ago

need it to be spring now IT'S TOO COLD

toastgirl 🥰 11 days ago

honestly i think this is just a stan page for my bf

toastgirl 🌈 12 days ago

just realized I'm finally at a point in life where I feel normal again!!!!! took almost a year but I'm here and I DID IT!!!!!!!

toastgirl 🤖 13 days ago

currently at war with the ants

toastgirl 🙂 15 days ago

you can do it!! i believe in you!!

toastgirl 🔥 16 days ago

my bf is so hote

toastgirl 😭 16 days ago

sad and cold... the worst combo!!!!

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