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24 • Hey there. Just another dude.


poble 🤒 1 hour ago

Been sneezing a lot recently, I can't tell if it's my allergies or not...

poble 🥱 6 hours ago

Back to the usual routine. I am not pleased.

poble 😴 17 hours ago

I’m now home, now I’ll try to sleep. Maybe…

poble 🥱 21 hours ago

I already ate, and now I’m feeling sleepy. I just want to go home…

poble 😭 1 day ago

I’m hungry… it’ll be a while before the food is done.

poble 🤩 1 day ago

I added a few buttons on my website. And by “a few”, I mean 22 of them lol

poble 🎶 1 day ago

Honey, I got your ringtone on my BlackBerry

poble 😡 1 day ago

I’m on the bus and there’s a crying child right behind me… god kids are so annoying.

poble 😴 2 days ago

Guess who overslept…

poble 🥱 2 days ago

Gosh I'm tired, that company meeting was so draining, but it went better than I expected.

poble 🙃 3 days ago

In a company meeting. Sucks that I don’t have a laptop lol

poble ❄️ 3 days ago

Still freezing...

poble ☀️ 4 days ago

Good morning everyone… I really don’t wanna get up, my bed is so comfy 🥲

poble 🍔 4 days ago

Chicken sandwich time!

poble ❄️ 5 days ago

Still freezing...

poble 🤩 5 days ago

Photo gallery now up on my website, but I may have to compress the photos some more...

poble 🥱 5 days ago

I’ve been getting less sleep lately, I’ll blame it on the cold weather.

poble 💻 6 days ago

It's been really hard for me to focus lately :/

poble 🥱 6 days ago

Good morning everyone. I am freezing once again...

poble 😴 6 days ago

Good night, people of the internet.

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